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Mother’s Day – Book for mom (from a girl) (Free Sunday School Activity)

May 6, 2010

Drawings by: Teresa Klassen

These drawings go with the Mother’s Day Lesson (May 2010) on “Thankfulness”

Use: You may use and make copies, but these may not be published or sold.

  • These images go along with a Mother’s Day Activity:
  • These are the image files to be used for a “Girls Book” to her mom. These images can be copied and pasted if you RIGHT CLICK on the image
  • If you would like a  PDF download for a full sheet of the image (4 squares per sheet) then LEFT CLICK on the image and a PDF will come up for you to print off.
  • Please see the post “Mothers’ Day – Book for Mom (from a Boy)” for drawings for boys

She listens

She makes good food for me

Book Cover (girl's) (Insert the name "Mom" or "Grandma" or "Auntie" or whatever is appropriate to that child's situation)

She prays for me

She drives

Back Cover

She hugs

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