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Water Baptism (Grade 2/3/4/5/6) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

June 5, 2010

Date Class Scripture Theme
June 6 — 2010 Grade 2/3/4/5/6 Various, on the topic of Baptism Old Me/New Me

Prepared by: Teresa Klassen

Introduction (3-5 minutes)

I have a paper bag filled with things and then two more bags here with the words “Old Me” and this one says, “New Me”

In the first box filled with all this stuff I have some things that were a part of your life a long time ago, and then I have things that are a part of your life now.

What I need you to do is separate them – make a decision about each item and whether they should go in the Old Me Box or the New Me Box.

  • Teacher, items for the “Old Me” will reflect things from early childhood (like soothers, bottles, blankets, diapers, strollers, crib, baby-food, baby rattle…) items for the “New Me” will be things they would be currently into (like xbox, ipods, homework, novels, movie tickets, a big bed, a bike, sports etc). As you are preparing for this lesson, you can use actual items, or just pictures of items.

Teacher concludes: There comes a time when you want your parents to know that you are big, right? You are done with your soother, you are done with your baby-bottle, you are ready to move on.  One day you decide you are going to get dressed by yourself. You tell your mom, “I’m big now. I am going to dress myself.” Sometimes you look a little funny, but you manage to get your shirt on and your pants and your socks. It’s a new day. In your old life you needed help getting dressed, but now that you are a little older you dress yourself. Dressing yourself is a part of the “New Me”.

Drama-Sketches (10 minutes)

Teacher: We make decisions all the time and we put things in these two boxes all the time.  Some things are a part of the old you, and some things are a part of the new you. You will continue to do this for your whole life long.

What we are going to do now is do a few little dramas to help us understand this.

(You will need 2 people for each drama)

Drama 1 – Unhealthy Versus Healthy

Person 1:            (Pretend you are eating a bowl of cereal)

This sugary cereal is sooooo awesome. I love “Choco-cornpop-fruity-sugar-coated-air-flakes”. They make my teeth feel fuzzy!!! Yum!

Announcer:            (Use a TV announcer voice) And now for an announcement from our sponser. Hey kids, do you want to live a long and healthy life? Do you want to feel good and have energy? Then instead of eating sugar-cereals, make a healthy choice. Why not have a bowl of strawberries and yogurt instead? It still tastes great, but it’s really good for you!

Person 1:            Hmmm. I do want to feel good and have energy. I am going to make a choice about the food I eat. I am going to choose the fruit instead.

Teacher:            OK. So what was a part of this person’s old life?

Get kids to respond: eating unhealthy food

Teacher:            What is a part of their new life?

Get kids to respond: eating healthy food

Drama 2 – Gossip Vs. Not Gossiping

Person 1:            (Act like you have a juicy piece of gossip) Hey, I want to tell you something about that kid over there. Don’t tell anyone else, but I know who they like…you know what I mean….like-like. Do you want to know who?

Person 2:            Hmmm. You know, I used to always talk about kids behind their back like this, but it would really bug me if I knew people were talking behind my back. So…no. I don’t really want to know.

Teacher:            OK, so what was a part of this person’s old life?

Get kids to respond: gossiping

Teacher:            What is a part of their new life?

Get kids to respond: not gossiping.

Drama 3 – Selfish Vs. Serving

Person 1 and 2 say at the same time:            Shot gun!

Person 1:            I said it first!

Person 2:            I said it first!

Person 1:            You always get the front seat, it’s not fair

Person 2:            (Thinking) Is it really such a big deal if they get the front seat? I don’t have to have it.

Person 1:            What are you thinking about?

Person 2:            You know what? You can have the front seat. I don’t mind sitting in the back seat.

Teacher:            OK, what was going on here? What do you think was a part of his/her old life (pointing to person 2)

Get kids to respond: always having to have his/her own way; selfishness

Teacher:            What is a part of their new life?

Get kids to respond: not being selfish; serving someone else or being kind to someone else.

Old Me/New Me (10 minutes)

Jesus talked about how we have an old life and a new life in the Bible. Our old life happens before we invite Jesus to lead our life. Our new life happens when we begin to follow Jesus.

Let’s try to figure out some things that are a part of a person’s old life before they decide to follow Jesus.

The screen will have a line down the middle

The left side will say “Old Me” and the right side will say “New Me”

Divide the kids into 2 groups and give them a stack of cards and a roll of tape. Have them tape the cards on the most appropriate side of the tape

Old Me

  • I have sin that isn’t forgiven
  • My friendship with God is broken
  • I am walking my own path without Jesus
  • I am living for myself, selfishly
  • I will always be separated from God, for all eternity
  • I have not accepted Jesus free gift that saves me from my sin
  • I don’t care if I lie or cheat or gossip
  • I am not listening to Jesus or feeling His love for me
  • I don’t think God created this world at all. I think it is all an accident and everything means nothing.
  • I don’t give God any serious thought and I do not talk to Him.

New Me

  • My sins are totally forgiven
  • My friendship with God is awesome
  • I am walking with Jesus as I live my life
  • I love myself, I love God, and I love people around me
  • I will live with God during this life, and after I die
  • I have accepted Jesus free gift that saves me from my sin; Jesus died on the cross for me and I know it!
  • I still sin sometimes, but I am sad about my sin and I come to Jesus and admit what I have done and try to make it right
  • I listen to Jesus and He guides me
  • I see God’s work in creation around me and I am amazed by His excellent work
  • I think about how much Jesus loves me
  • I talk to Jesus often about anything

Scripture/Teaching (8 minutes)

Teacher: You may be a person who wants to live like the New Me. Maybe you have been living like this for a while…learning and growing in what it means to follow Jesus. Or maybe you have just started letting Jesus lead you. Or maybe you are still living like this (point to the Old Me). Wherever you are at, I am so glad you are here.

What I want to tell you is that becoming like this (pointing to the New Me) doesn’t just happen by accident. Living like the New Me happens when we decide that is who we want to be.

The Bible talks about this decision and I want to read you a couple of passages from the Bible and see if you can pick out what is going on here.

  1. The Bible tells us there was a man named John who wanted to show people how to move from living life the old way (point to the left side of screen)…to living life the new way (point to the new way).

Matthew 3:5-7 (New Living Translation)

People from Jerusalem and from all of Judea and all over the Jordan Valley went out to see and hear John. And when they confessed their sins, he baptized them in the Jordan River.

What does it say people did? Confessed their sins

That just means that they admitted they were living life this way (point to left screen). It is important that we see that this old way of life isn’t good. We need to admit that to God.

Then what did they do? They were baptized.

  1. Ok let’s move on to another scripture. In this verse Peter is talking. Peter was one of Jesus’ disciples. Peter was speaking to a group of people and he said:

“Each of you must repent of your sins and turn to God, and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins….”

Same thing. People were turning away from their old life and to show that they were doing this, what did they do?

They were baptized

  1. Now in this verse we are hearing from a man named Philip. Philip wanted people to know some Good News. The Good News is that they could have a new life (point to right side of the screen). It says in Acts 8:12

the people believed Philip’s message of Good News concerning the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ. As a result, many men and women were baptized.

So…they believed that they could be made new…and as a result, what did they do?

They were baptized.

What Is Baptism? (8 minutes)

Teacher: When you decide to live life in a new way, Jesus said, don’t wait for people to figure it out, tell them straight out.

Baptism is the way that Jesus said we ought to tell people we are deciding to live life in a new way, walking with Jesus, forgiven of our sin.

There were a lot of ways Jesus could have asked us to do this.

  • Maybe he could have asked us to send cards to everyone
  • Maybe he could have asked us to make a commercial and televise it
  • Maybe he could have asked us to post signs on our lawn

He didn’t ask us to do those things, but he did ask us to be baptized. In fact, he didn’t just ask us, he showed us how to do it by being baptized himself.

VIDEO: Show 1 minute video of Jesus being baptized.


Water is a great symbol for moving from an old life to a new one. Water washes us. Jesus wanted to show us that our old life has been washed away, buried in the water, and when we come up, we are coming up to a new life. A new start, all cleaned up by God’s forgiveness.

It is like the water covers our old life (take the blue blanket and cover the old life box) and what comes out of the water, is a brand new start (put the new box on top)

The Baptism Question Show (10 minutes)

Teacher: OK. Let’s see what you know.

You guys are going to be the contestants, and I will be the host…so let’s start with two people

(Get two people to come up, cards will be provided for you as the host)

Teacher: All right contestants, I am going to read a question and when you know the answer, ring the bell and we will see if you are right. If you are not, I will go to the audience to see if they have the answer.

Question number 1:            Does Baptism actually forgive your sins?

Answer : No. Jesus is the only one who can forgive your sins. When you invite him to lead your life, He is the one who forgives you. Baptism is what you do when you want to tell people, “Hey, everyone, my sins have been forgiven, and yours can be too”

Question number 2: Do you need to be baptized to go to heaven?

Answer: No. Baptism is just a way of telling people, “Hey everyone, Jesus is the leader of my life and one day, I am going to be in heaven with him. You can be too.”

Question number 3: How old do you have to be to be baptized?

Answer: The Bible doesn’t say you have to be a certain age. The Bible just tells us that when you decide to follow Jesus, then be baptized so you can say to everyone, “Hey, everyone, I am following Jesus. You can too.”

Question number 4: What if you want to live a new life but you mess up? Does that cancel out the baptism?

Answer: Guess what? Jesus knew you would mess up. Baptism is saying, “Hey everyone, I know I am not perfect but guess what? Jesus has forgiven me. You aren’t perfect either, and Jesus will forgive you.”  You will mess up, that is why Jesus died on the cross for your sins. You can’t make yourself perfect. All you can do is admit that you aren’t perfect and keep walking with Jesus and letting him strengthen you and help you to live God’s way.

Question number 5: Do you have to be pretty good already in order to be baptized?

Answer: No. Baptism isn’t telling people that you are good. Baptism is telling people that God is good and you want to walk with God. Baptism is the starting line, not the finish line. Baptism is like step 1 before you even know much – all you need to know is that you want to follow Jesus, it doesn’t mean that you have everything sorted out.

Conclusion: if you want a simple way of looking at baptism it is like this wedding ring on my hand (if you are not married, just apply this illustration to someone who is married). When I got married, I didn’t know what my whole life was going to be like with my wife/husband but I put on this ring and said to her, “I am committed to you.” When we are baptized we are saying to Jesus, I am committed to you, and we are saying to people around us, “I am committed to Jesus.”

Conclude (10 minutes)

We used this lesson a few weeks before a water baptism we were having at a local lake… Greenbay Bible Camp.

Teacher: At the end of this month, instead of coming to this campus one Sunday, we are going to be going to ___________for the service. There will be Sunland – outside hopefully on the field – and there will be games and a picnic and all kinds of good stuff – AND there will be a baptism.

  • We wanted to talk about baptism so that you will really understand what it is about. When you see people walking into the water, it is because they want to tell everyone that they are followers of Jesus.
  • They want you to know that they are leaving old things behind and that they want to live a new life
  • It doesn’t mean they are perfect, it just means they want to let Jesus keep washing them clean and showing them how to live God’s way
  • Baptism may be something you want to talk to your parents about. Maybe it is something you want to do sometime in your life.
  • If you are wanting to follow Jesus, it is an important part of our walk with him. It is something he asks us to do.

Close in prayer.

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  1. Bronwyn Spilsbury permalink

    Fantastic curriculum lesson! Thanks so much! I’ll be using it with our grade 5/6 kids this month.

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