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7 dips in the Jordan River (Gr. 4-6) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

June 7, 2010
Date Class Scripture Theme
Nov 22/09 Grade 4-6 Elisha & Naaman (1 Kings) 7 dips in the Jordan River – Like the little maid, we can point the way to God.

Prepared by: Teresa Klassen

Introducing the big idea (3 Minutes – keep it moving so kids stay tuned in)

Today we are going to talk about a story from the Bible about a man named Elisha. Remember, last week we talked about Elijah and today we are going to talk about his friend Elisha. His story is found in the Bible in the book of Kings (show them where it is in the Bible).  Elisha loved and served God and did many exciting things for God. Today we are going to learn about how he helped a man called Naaman find healing from a terrible sickness called Leprosy.

Have you ever heard about a sickness called Leprosy?  In Bible times it was a very terrible sickness to get. It gave you white spots all over your skin and people were very afraid of those who had leprosy. It is a disease that attacks people’s nerves so that you lose all feeling. So when you should feel pain, you don’t. So let’s say you would put your hand on a hot stove, your hand wouldn’t feel pain so you could get terrible burns and then terrible infections, so bad that people’s fingers and toes would rot off. It wasn’t a pretty sight and people would become horribly disfigured. There was no cure for it in that time. So if you had leprosy you would hide yourself away and cover yourself up with your coat so no one could see you.

While I tell you the story of Elisha and Naaman…so, to get into the spirit of things, I have brought some white powder and you can give yourself leprosy spots…

Activity:  Pass around a few bowls with baby powder and cotton balls and let the kids make spots on their skin with the cotton ball. Tell them that you will all wipe of the powder when we hear about how Naaman was healed.

Elisha in the Bible – (2 minutes)

Read the story of Elisha and Naaman from the Bible – 2 Kings 5:1-19a (if there are some kids who enjoy reading, then have them help you).

Points to emphasize: the little girl who spoke up about Elisha. Explain that she was a servant in the house. She didn’t have to help Naaman, but she knew the one true God and Naaman did not.  Even though she was just a young girl, by her telling Naaman to go and see Elisha, we will soon see that Naaman also come to know and love God!  God loves to work through young people. Even though you are young, you can say things to people that will help them come to know and love God too! Continue with the story…

Points to emphasize: Just how cool it is that Naaman was healed, and through that he came to know the love of God. All this happened because that little girl who worked for him told him to go and visit Elisha who was a great man of God.

Elisha DVD – (5 minutes)

Show the DVD about Elisha and Naaman.

Act It Out! – (3 minutes)

* I can’t remember who wrote this sketch. Sorry.


  • Narrator
  • Girl (maid)
  • Naaman’s wife
  • Naaman
  • Elisha
  • Two people to wave streamers, representing the Jordan River
  • Servant

Props: Blue streamers

Narrator 1:             Now, Naaman, was the commander of the army of the king of Aram. He was an important soldier with a high profile job. He was a great man and the king had a lot of respect for him. The LORD had been good to Naaman and had given victory to him many, many times. Now, even though he was a mighty warrior, he suffered from a terrible skin disease called leprosy. There is no cure for such a disease and it causes people great anguish.

Namaan had taken a young girl captive and she became a maid in his household. This is what she said to Naaman’s wife:

Girl:             Forgive me if I’m being rude, I don’t mean to be, but I couldn’t help but notice that your husband has leprosy.

Wife:             Yes, he does, but what business is it of yours? You are just a servant girl, so you should keep your thoughts to yourself! A servant must know their place in the world!

Girl:             Please, ma’am, I don’t mean to anger you; I know it’s none of my business but he must suffer so! I know a man, a prophet actually, who is in Samaria. This man would cure your husband of his disease.

Wife:                         No! (in disbelief)

Girl:                         Yes! (adamantly)

Wife:                         Yes? (quizzically)

Girl:                         Yes! For sure!

Narrator:             So the servant girl convinced her mistress to have her husband seek out the prophet’s help in this matter. The prophet’s name was Elisha

So Naaman came with his horses and chariots, and soldiers and equipment, and stopped at the doorstep of Elisha’s house.

Elisha:             (yelling from inside) Naaman, go, wash in the Jordan River seven times, and your skin shall be restored and you shall be clean.

Naaman:             Are you crazy?

Elisha:             I don’t think so!

Naaman:             Diseases can’t be washed away!

Elisha:             Just do what I tell you, you stubborn old mule!

Naaman:             (addresses the audience) What kind of foolishness is he trying to make me do? I thought that for me he would surely come out of the house, not just stay inside and shout out orders. I thought that he would stand and call on the name of the LORD his God, and would wave his hand over the spot, and cure this leprosy! There are greater rivers in Damascus, better rivers than all the waters of Israel! I could have just stayed at home and washed in them! But no! I had to come all the way down here for this!

Narrator:             Naaman turned and went away in a fit of rage.

Servant:             Commander, if the prophet had ordered you to do something difficult, would you not have done it? This is so easy, why not just try it?

Naaman:             Fine! But if nothing happens, then I reserve the right to say “I told you so!” (He goes down and immerses himself seven times in the Jordan, according to the word of the man of God; his flesh was restored like the flesh of a young boy, and he was clean.)

Naaman:             Look my skin! It’s all better now! Praise God!

Servant:             I told you so!

Naaman:             (ignoring the servant) Where is that prophet? I want to give him a gift!

Elisha:             (he comes out and shakes Naaman’s hand) As the LORD lives, whom I serve, I will accept nothing. I did this for the glory of the Lord, not for payment! I serve God alone and you are a witness to God’s mighty power in healing!

The Domino Effect

Transition:            Great job on acting that out.  You know, it is interesting that this whole story happened because of that little servant girl.  She didn’t have to care about Naaman. She was a servant…a captive, actually. But God was alive in her heart and because God loves and cares for all people, she loved and cared for Naaman, just as God did.  She started something by believing that God could do something for Naaman and so she spoke up…

Just to help us think about how one thing leads to another…here is something we are going to do…

Divide the group into 2 or three groups and give them each a pile of dominoes. Give them a certain length of time and let them build a domino “course”, as creatively as they want to. Then when the time is up, let them test it out. If you want to do this more than once, you can.

Question:            How do we get the whole domino effect going? (by tipping over the first domino)

Conclusion:             It is the same way with helping people come to know Jesus. Just like that servant girl, it may be the smallest thing you say and do, when you do it out of a love for Jesus, that He ends up using to help others come to know him.

The lesson from this story is to make yourself available to God. Just like in this story, there will be a domino effect that may very well change someone’s life. You start something, someone else adds to it, and someone else, and before long, people in your life also come to know and love and serve God. That’s how you change the world.

Look It Up

Divide the kids into 3 few groups. Give each group a Bible. Have them all look up Colossians 3:17 (some may need help).

Give each group one question:

Question:            The first part of the verse says “In whatever you do…” do everything for Jesus. How do you think the servant girl obeyed this verse?

Question:            What does it mean when the verse says that we should obey Jesus “in word and deed”…what does that mean?

Question:            How do we do absolutely everything “in the name of the Lord Jesus” – what does that mean?

Conclusion:            This verse is saying whether you have a good day or a bad day, or if you are in a good place or you would rather be somewhere else, it is possible to serve God right where you are through the things you say and by the way you act. We need to think about this, because God wants to create a domino effect through us…he wants each of us to reflect his love in small ways because that will start a whole chain of events in spreading his love to the world!

Memory Verse

We are memorizing this verse with actions for the SunLand Christmas Play so go over this several times – practice the signs, but also practice having the kids say it really nice and clear and loud!

Glory                        Raise hands just so they are ear height and wiggle your fingers

To God            Now move hands higher so they are just above head height with both index fingers pointing up to God

In the highest            Now raise hands as high as they go, palms up towards God, eyes looking up to the sky

And on earth            Look forward again, and put fingers together to form a circle (an earth)

Peace!            Both hands forward making the peace sign


Teachers, at the end of every lesson have all the children sit quietly while you pray over them.  You do not have to use these words below…but they are from the Bible and you could certainly add them to whatever you pray. Let us not miss the opportunity to impart a spiritual blessing on each child.

“I pray this blessing over each one of you.

Each of you is precious in God’s sight.

God sees you every minute of every day and he loves you.

I pray that you will come to know and love Jesus with all your heart for all your days.

May the Lord bless you and protect you.
May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.
May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.


Clean up

Please clean up the youth center as follows:

  1. Teachers, place all the extra lesson supplies, attendance clip-board, DVD’s etc. in the shopping Bag on the counter and bring that bag to the Camp SunLand room.
  2. Make sure any scrap paper etc. is picked up from the floor and anything stuck to the walls is taken down and put in the garbage.
  3. Make sure all the supplies you used are put back (Bibles, pens etc.)
  4. When the classroom is empty, please do a “once over” to make sure everything is put away.
  5. Please make sure the sound board is turned off
  6. Please make sure the video projector is turned off
  7. Turn down the heat to 10
  8. Turn off the lights
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