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Elisha & Naaman (Preschool) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

June 7, 2010
Date Class Scripture Theme
Nov 22/09 Preschool
Elisha & Naaman (1 Kings) 7 dips in the Jordan River

Prepared by: Teresa Klassen

8 Little Ideas of things to do

  • In any order – just pick which things seem to work on Sunday.
    You may do just a couple of things, or maybe you will do them all!

  1. Free time – take the time to get to know the children.
  2. DVD of Elisha and Naamann ( 3 mins)

    *Search YouTube for ideas

  3. Story Time Retell the story using the book/Bible provided.
  4. Naaman had spots Talk about how in the story, Naaman was sick and had spots!  On the black poster on the wall, have the children dip a cotton ball in flour and put spots on Naaman.
  5. Bible memory:

This will probably be to complicated for them to remember all the words, but just go over it with them so they can memorize the actions! We will be doing this every week until the 20th.

Glory            Raise hands just so they are ear height and wiggle your fingers

To God            Now move hands higher so they are just above head height with both index fingers pointing up to God

In the highest            Now raise hands as high as they go, palms up towards God, eyes looking up to the sky

And on earth            Look forward again, and put fingers together to form a circle (an earth)

Peace!            Both hands forward making the peace signSimple Craft

6. Naaman Craft


Styrofoam cups

Blue Felts

Paper strips that say “Naaman obeyed God and was healed

Scotch Tape (to tape the paper onto the cup

Popsicle sticks

Person cutout (one side happy, one side sad)

How To:

  1. Have the children color their cup blue, this represents the Jordan river
  2. Help them tape the paper onto the rim of the cup that says “Naaman obeyed God and was healed”
  3. Have them put a happy face on one side of Naaman (this is Naaman when he is healed)
  4. Have them put a sad face on the other side of Naaman
  5. Have them put spots on the sad side of Naaman
  6. Have them glue the popsicle stick to Naaman
  7. Demonstrate how they can tell the story of Naaman and dip Naaman in the Jordan 7 times, and then turn the stick to show how the spots disappeared and he was well!

7. Prayer

Pray:  God, you love EVERYBODY. You love ME, you love EACH CHILD here and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD. Thank you for your great love. Help me to share your love with others!

8. Coloring Pages A picture of Naaman

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