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End Of The Year Review/Games (K and up) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

June 23, 2010


Date: June 27, 2010

Arranged by: Teresa Klassen

This lesson is designed to be used outdoors but can be done indoors as well.

It was used at our church for the last Sunday in June when we met in a camp setting for a baptism service. During the main service, we ran these “review games” for children.

  • For kids age 4 and up we will run stations
  • Each station will have some sort of review activity from what we have learned this year
  • We will divide the kids into groups of about 8 with a leader over every group
  • These kids will be guided from station to station at about 10 minute intervals
  • We will need water stations along the way  — kids will get thirsty

* Some of these ideas were adapted from:

Welcome and explanation — Leader

Station 1: Who Am I? (10 minutes)

– Location: ____________

*Alternate indoors: _______________

Leader: ________________________

  • 10 Biblical characters drawn on poster paper, covered up by another piece of paper
  • Station leader gives some clues – start with one and see if kids can guess it.
  • Kids can ask questions
  • Finally when they know who it is, they can call out the name



  • I have a few jobs. I started off labeling every kind of animal and then I went into gardening. Who am I?
  • I am short a rib. Who am I?
  • I was the very first dad. Who am I?
  • I ate something I was not supposed to and then blamed my wife. Who am I?



  • I have been known to brag. Who am I?
  • I like to talk about what I dreamed about at night. Who am I?
  • I have a really big family with lots of brothers. Who am I?
  • My brothers don’t really like me. Who am I?
  • I like clothes; my favorite is a colorful jacket my dad gave me. Who am I?



  • God asked me to do something that everyone else thought was crazy, Who am I?
  • I built something really, really big with a strange kind of wood called gopher wood. Who am I?
  • I lived through a huge rainstorm that covered the whole earth with water. Who am I?
  • During that huge rainstorm I mostly talked to chickens, bears, lions, caterpillars, birds and mice. Who am I?
  • I was the first person to see a rainbow. Who am I?



  • One day I stood on top of a mountain called Mt. Carmel (no, not caramel although a caramel mountain would be tasty). Who am I?
  • On top of that mountain I held a contest. Who am I?
  • For that contest one group built one altar and my group built another. Who am I?
  • The other group spent all day running and skipping and yelling and tripping around an altar built to Baal while I just watched and laughed. Who am I?
  • Nothing really happened to their altar but when I prayed to God, something spectacular happened. Who am I?
  • When I prayed, fire came from heaven and burned up everything on the altar. Who am I?



  • When I was born, my mom had to hide me. Who am I?
  • She hid me in a basket and put me in a river (don’t worry, I was safe because my sister was watching me). Who am I?
  • The King’s daughter found me and raised me. Who am I?
  • I left the palace, but later I came back and told the King he needed to let all the slaves go. Who am I?
  • The King refused to let the slaves go and so God bothered him with a lot of bad stuff called “plagues” – frogs and bugs and other nasty stuff. Who am I?
  • Finally the King let all the slaves go. Who am I?



  • A long time ago, prophets told people that I would be born. Who am I?
  • When I was born a beautiful star shone brightly in the sky as a sign that I had arrived. Who am I?
  • I was not born in the hospital. Who am I?
  • Some of my first visitors were shepherds. Who am I?
  • When I was 12 my parents lost me but then found me in the temple. Who am I?
  • I did a lot of amazing things; I turned water into wine, I healed the sick and forgave people of their sins. Who am I?
  • Eventually I died and then rose again. Who am I?

John The Baptist


  • When I was not quite born yet, my father wasn’t allowed to speak, ever, at all. Who am I?
  • When I was born though, my dad named me. Who am I?
  • I didn’t wear the same kind of clothes most people wore – I mostly liked to wear camel hair. Who am I?
  • I ate strange things, like grasshoppers. Who am I?
  • Eventually I became a good speaker; people came to hear me and I told them to “repent and be baptized.” Who am I?
  • I baptized Jesus in a river. Who am I?



  • I was the first woman alive on earth. Who am I?
  • I was the first mother. Who am I?
  • I was fashioned out of my husband’s rib. Who am I?
  • I lived in a beautiful garden. Who am I?
  • I had a conversation with a serpent. Who am I?
  • I ate some fruit that I wasn’t supposed to. Who am I?
  • I had two boys who didn’t get along. Who am I?



  • When I was a teenager I was in love with a boy named Joseph. Who am I?
  • God spoke to me through an angel. Who am I?
  • I traveled to a town called Bethlehem. Who am I?
  • I had a baby in a stable. Who am I?
  • I named my baby Jesus. Who am I?
  • I was visited by shepherds and wisemen. Who am I?



  • I was one of Jesus’ friends. Who am I?
  • After Jesus died some people told me he was alive and I didn’t believe them. Who am I?
  • One day Jesus showed up and said, “look I am alive, come and touch my wounds and you will know for sure that it is true.” Who am I?
  • I believed that Jesus was alive when I saw him, but I will always be known as someone who doubted. Who am I?

If we have time at the end of this station, we will play the game with the kids asking them to think of a famous person/cartoon character or animal – they can describe it and give clues and others will guess who it is they have thought of

Station 2: Bible Squares (10 minutes)

– Location: ____________

*Alternate indoors: _______________

Leader: ________________________

  • 16 questions from Bible stories we have learned
  • We draw a big chalk grid on the ground with 16 squares with a question in each square
  • We have 8 red circles and 8 black circles representing 2 teams
  • we have a beanbag the kids throw onto a square that has a question. When a team gets a question right, they can put their color on the square
  • Goal is to get 4 questions right in a row

If we have time at the end of this station, we will have 16 alternate questions so we can play the game again

  1. How many days did God take to create the earth? And on the 7th day, what did God do?
  2. What did God put into the sky to remind people that he would never again flood the earth?
  3. Why did Joseph’s brothers throw him into a pit and then sell him to slave traders?
  4. Why did Sarah laugh when she heard that she was going to have a baby?
  5. What was the name of the bread that came from heaven that God fed the Israelite’s in the desert?
  6. When Jesus wanted to feed the people on the mountain a little boy brought his lunch. What was in the lunch?
  7. How many times did Peter say that he didn’t know Jesus/
  8. Where was Jesus born?
  9. When Jesus went to visit some friends, one friend sat at his feet and listened while the other was busy in the kitchen, can you remember their names?
  10. When Jesus called Peter to come follow him he said, “Peter come follow me and I will make you fishers of ____”
  11. There was a lady who was very sick, she had a problem with bleeding. one day she found Jesus and said “I believe Jesus could make me well” so she went behind Jesus and what did she do?
  12. When jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit came down from heaven and this looked like a _________
  13. When Jesus told the parable of the farmer sowing seed. He said there were four different kinds of soil, what kinds were there? Name all 4
  14. Some men brought their paralyzed friend to see Jesus but the room was so full they could not get into the house. What did they do?
  15. How many lepers came and thanked Jesus for healing them?
  16. How many days was Jesus in the tomb?

Alternate questions:

  1. Who named all the animals
  2. What was sad about Job’s story?
  3. What was the name of the queen who has a book named after her in the Bible?
  4. What is the name of the King who was chasing David?
  5. What are the names of the first 4 books of the New Testament?
  6. How many commandments are there in Exodus (the famous ones written on Moses’ tablets)?
  7. What did Jesus turn the water into at the wedding he attended?
  8. What were the names of Lazerus’ sisters?
  9. What is the name of the last book in the Bible?
  10. What does John 3:16 say?
  11. Can you name 5 of Jesus’ disciples?
  12. What is the name of the city Jesus visited, when he came in riding on a donkey?
  13. How did Jonah end up in the water?
  14. What is the name of Abraham and Sarah’s son (the one whose name means “laughter”)?
  15. What is the name of Joseph’s father (the one who gave his son a colorful coat)?
  16. Who denied Jesus three times?

Station 3: Treasure Hunt (10 minutes)

– Location: ____________

*Alternate indoors: _______________

Leader: ________________________

  • Teacher tells a bible story (one we have already learned) and kids have to listen carefully
  • When the story is done the teacher will say that there are pictures with words that go with this story hidden around the playground
  • Kids need to go and find these pictures and bring them back to assemble them where you are
  • But there will be trick pictures among them, so they will need to decide if these are part of the story

We used the Story of Zaccheaus with flashcards. If you need an idea how to tell the story, see

Pictures that go with the story: Jesus walking with friends, Small Zaccheaus, Zacchaeus up in a tree, Zacchaeus walking with Jesus to his house, Zacchaeus having lunch with Jesus, Zacchaeus sharing money with the poor.

Trick pictures: just pick random ideas from other Bible stories (ie. Peter fishing on the lake, men with paralyzed friend, Eve picking an apple)

If we have time at the end of this station, kids can play on playground (we played this game at a playground)

Station 4: Match-up  (10 minutes)

– Location: ____________

*Alternate indoors: _______________

Leader: ________________________

  • Teacher has approx 10 cards with 10 bible characters
  • At the other end of the area are a bunch of cards with things that correspond to the character (in other words “Eve” at the other end there might be an “Apple”
  • The teacher introduces the character to the kids with a few details and they remember what that character’s story was about, then one child goes to the other end and finds the thing that goes with that character’s story and brings it back with him/her

At the end of this station kids can have a cookie/snack

1. Sarah – laughter

Do you remember what Sarah is famous for? She was married to Abraham and was promised that she would have a son. But she got older and older and older and didn’t think it would really happen. One day, some visitors came and told Abraham that by this time next year, Sarah would have a son. Sarah laughed when she heard it. But the visitors were right! Sarah had a baby and named him Isaak – his name means laughter.

2. Namaan – Red Spots

Do you remember Namaan? He was the captain who got very sick with leprosy. His maid told Namaan to go visit the prophet Elisha and so he did. Elisha told him to dip into the river 7 times. Eventually, Namaan did this and he was made well!

3. Jesus – Cross

Do you remember Jesus? He was born in a stable and grew up and began telling people how their broken relationship with God could be fixed. He forgave people of their sin. But some people didn’t want Jesus to share this message of Good News. They lied about Jesus and had him arrested. Jesus was crucified on a cross. He died and he rose again. He died for our sins and because he did this, we can be forgiven and follow him and live with him forever.

4. Joshua — Wall

Do you remember Joshua? He marched around the walls of Jericho and God’s power crumbled the walls of Jericho and they all fell down.

5. Jonah – Whale

Do you remember Jonah? God told him to go and tell the people of Ninevah to turn from their sinful ways and change! Jonah didn’t want to go. So he ran from God. He took a boat and sailed away! But a huge storm came and the sailors threw Jonah overboard. A great fish came and swallowed Jonah up and after a few days spit him up onto the beach. Then Jonah went and told Ninevah what they needed to hear.

6. Job – Kleenex

Do you remember Job? The story of Job is very sad and very happy.  It was very happy because Job was a man who loved God and followed him faithfully. It is sad because Satan said that if God would allow some hard things to come into Job’s life, Job would be angry at God and would walk away from God. Satan brought all sorts of trouble into Jobs life to test him. Job’s children died, Job lost his house and all his animals and Job got very, very sick. That was sad. Job never gave up on God though and that is the happy part of the story. The even happier part is that at the end of the story, God gave Job more than he ever had before. Now, Job’s matching card has something to do with being sad.

7. Peter – fishing net

Do you remember Peter? When Jesus said, “come and follow me,” Peter was by the lake because Peter was a fisherman.

8. Prodigal Son – Free Hugs from Dad

Do you remember the Prodigal Son? A dad had two sons and one of the sons wanted to leave his father and go out on his own and do his own thing. The son said to the dad, “I want my share of your money”. So his father gave him the money. But the son wasted it all and did not live a good life.  One day when he realized he had nothing and didn’t even have any good food to eat, he thought, “I should go home and work for my father.” He didn’t think his father would forgive his bad behavior. But the father saw his son coming down the road and ran to meet him. He hugged him and gave him new clothes and threw a party for him!

9. Farmer sowing seed – seeds

Do you remember the story Jesus told about the farmer? The farmer had a bag of seeds and was throwing the seeds onto the ground. Some of it fell on hard ground and nothing grew there. Some of it fell on rocky ground. Some fell among the thorns but other seed fell on good soil and the plants grew up healthy and strong!

10. Abraham & Isaak – Ram

Do you remember the story of Abraham and Isaak? Abraham loved his son Isaak but God said that Abraham must take his son up the mountain and give him back to God by sacrificing him (God was only testing Abraham to see if he would be obedient). Abraham brought Isaak up the mountain but God did not let him sacrifice Isaak. God provided a ram instead.

Station 5: Throwing Stones (10 minutes)

– Location: ____________

*Alternate indoors: _______________

Leader: ________________________

  • Teacher tells the story again of David and Goliath
  • Use beanbags or paper bags (just slightly weighted that are blown up with a string tied around the end)
  • Kids get to swing the bag and throw it to see who can throw it the furthest

Read the story from a Children’s Bible or story-book

Or visit these sites for ideas:

We can just keep repeating the throws if we have time at the end


If we have time at the end and the service is not out, I will have two games (just for fun)

Roll The Lemons

  • We have lemons and hockey sticks and kids are divided into 2 or 3 teams
  • They line up at one end of the field and have to roll their lemon down a length and back
  • They go through their whole team to see which team is the fastest

Say My Name

  • Kids are in teams at one end of the field
  • A length away we have leaders with a pen and a stack of paper
  • Kids run to the leader, say and spell their name for the leader
  • They run back to their team and hold up the paper so everyone can see their name
  • The team has to in unison spell out their name one letter at a time
  • That person sits down at the end and the next person can go
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  1. Wonderful and fantastic activities and I really like it.

    I will probably use your ideas for my Sunday School.

    You did a great job on this. WELL DONE!!!

    May God bless you all!


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