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Feeding 5000 (K-1) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

July 4, 2010

Date Class Scripture Theme
March 14 — 2010 K-1 Mark 6:30-44 Jesus cared about the needs of 5000 people. He miraculously provided. Are we thankful for what He provides for us?

Prepared by: Teresa Klassen


I have a completely silly (completely annoying to adults) video that the kids will like – it is about 3 minutes long and we will play it in the background just before we start: It is on the theme of thankfulness

Introducing the big idea (5-8 Minutes)

Sit on the floor with the children and have them sit in a big circle with you. Put the little paper bag lunch we have prepared for you behind your back. Start out with just a bit of an ice-breaker question. Tell the children you have a question and that they should put up their hand to answer. Tell them each person will have a chance to answer the question so they should make sure they are polite and give everyone a chance.

Question: What is your favorite, favorite food?

Pick one of the kid’s answers of a food they really like and say, “What if you had a party at your house with 20 of your friends and your mom made your favorite food (name it). You are soooooo hungry and you are just waiting for that really good food. Everyone’s tummies are growling (have the kids rub their tummies and make growling sounds). After a long, long time your mom says, “OK everyone, the food is ready” and you all run into the kitchen to eat and all you see is one bowl of (name the favorite food).” One bowl!  One bowl to feed 20 people? Would that be enough??”

“No…how would you feel if you saw only one bowl when you were soooooo hungry?”

Get a few answers from the children.

“Today we are going to tell a story about some people who were very, very hungry.  Not just 20 people, but 5,000 people were very, very hungry and there didn’t seem to be any food anywhere!!!! In fact….(pull out the little lunch bag we have prepared for you and show the kids the one little lunch) there was only one little lunch to feed 5000 people!”

Tell and Retell the story (8 minutes)

1.        Read the story first out of the Bible while you are sitting in the circle with the kids. Use the Purple “Read with me” Bible page 312

2.        Show the DVD version of the story (to preview the video, you can see it at this link:

Drama! (10-15 minutes)

If the children don’t know how to read, that is OK because you are going to walk behind each person and quietly tell them what to say!

  • Pick someone to play Jesus
  • Pick someone to play his disciples (you will need
  • Pick someone to be the boy with the lunch
  • Have the rest of the kids sit on the ground and look very hungry. Teach them to say the line “I am so hungry” when you rub your tummy and then teach them to say “thank you Jesus” when you fold your hands in prayer
  • Make sure when you whisper the lines to your characters they speak loudly with expression!

You will need to sometimes move back and forth between characters, but if you line up your characters in this order it will be easier to do so…

1.            Disciple 1

2.            Disciple 2

3.            Jesus

4.            Disciple 3

5.            Disciple 4

6.            Boy

Props: Bag lunch, inside are enough Graham crackers to feed the class.


Disciple 1:            Jesus look at all these people!

Disciple 2:            They look very hungry!

Crowd “I am so hungry!” (What? Have them say it again, louder)

Jesus:                        We need to feed them!

Disciple 3:            But Jesus, we don’t have any food!

Jesus:                        No food at all?

Disciple 4:            There is a little boy with a little bit of food

Boy:                        I have 5 little loaves of bread and 2 fish

Disciple 1:            That’s not enough

Disciple 2:            There are 5000 people Jesus!

Crowd “I am so hungry!” (What? Have them say it again, louder)

Jesus:                        Will you share your lunch with me?

Boy:                        OK…but it’s only a little lunch!

Crowd “I am so hungry!” (What? Have them say it again, louder)

The Boy comes and brings his lunch bag to Jesus

Jesus:                        What do you have inside?

Boy:                        Only 2 fish and 5 pieces of bread

Crowd “I am so hungry!” (What? Have them say it again, louder)

Jesus:                        Thank you Father for this food

Now…go hand out the food to the people.

Teacher:                      Then the most amazing thing happened. Jesus prayed over the food and a miracle happened…those 2 fish and 5 pieces of bread became more and more and more…and there were soon basketfuls of bread to feed everyone! No one was hungry at all…they all thanked Jesus for the food!

Put your hands together, like you are praying and remind the children to say, “Thank you Jesus for the food!”

Have the boy hand out what is inside the lunch bag: there are enough graham crackers for everyone!!!

Game: 1 Fish, 2 Fish….? (5 or 6 minutes)

This is just a quick fun game to get some of the wiggles out of the kids…

  • Have the children all line up and take the Fish Bag and some tape and tape a fish on the back of each child. Make sure they don’t see what color they have on their back.
  • The game is that they have to go to other children and say “1 Fish, 2 Fish, Am I A (name of a color) Fish?”
  • When they get the answer right they can take the fish off their back and put it in the recycle bin.  Then they just stay in the game to help the other kids guess their fish.

Teaching Moment (5 or 6 minutes)

When Jesus was sitting and talking to that big crowd of people and saw that they were so hungry, He could have said to them, “Well, I guess you will need to find food for yourselves.”

But He didn’t, did He?

Jesus was kind and generous and He cared about their needs.

Jesus cares about our needs too.  We can always come to Him and pray about the things we need.

And then it is important that we are very thankful.

The people on the hill were very, very hungry. Do you think the people on the hill were thankful when Jesus gave them so much food to eat? (yes)

When we eat, how can we show Jesus that we are thankful for the food He has made for us? (we can pray at the table and thank Him for the food, we can share our food with others and not be greedy, we can care about people in the world who are hungry and help provide for them as well)

Simple Craft: I Am Thankful!! (10 minutes)

Teacher: Every day we get to eat so much wonderful food. We should always thank Jesus for our food.  Now we are going to make a page that shows some of the food we are thankful for!

  • Hand out the papers that say “I Am Thankful!” and at the bottom of the page it says, “I have such great food to eat!”
  • Have the kids paste pictures onto their page, or draw the foods they love

Memory Verse (5-8 Minutes)

* This is week 3 of this verse

Hebrews 13:5 Jesus said, “I will never leave you or forsake you.”

This week divide the kids into two groups and have the leader go over the verse by having the kids repeat after him/her

Jesus said…


I will

I will never

I will never leave

I will never leave you

I will never leave you or

I will never leave you or forsake

I will never leave you or forsake you

Then have a discussion around what that verse means…

Why would Jesus want us to know that He would never leave us? (Do other people sometimes leave us?) – just reinforce the point that no matter what, Jesus is always with us, wherever we go and he will never lose sight of us, or ignore us, or forget about us…

Blessing (1 Minute)

Pray for the kids:

“I pray this blessing over each one of you.

Each of you is precious in God’s sight.

God sees you every minute of every day and he loves you.

I pray that you will come to know and love Jesus with all your heart for all your days.

May the Lord bless you and protect you.

May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.

May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.  Amen.

Clean Up!

Since our building is used for many different things, we need to make sure we clean up after ourselves. You can definitely have the kids help you do this near the end of the morning!!

  • Please use the BAG provided to put all the left-over items into it, and then you can leave your bag in the classroom.
  • Please pick up all the garbage and put it in the trash
  • If there are chairs or stools, please fold or stack them and put them away
  • Please turn the heat down (applicable for youth room and Gazebo) to 10 degrees
  • Please make sure any TVs/DVDs/Projectors are powered off
  • Please make sure all toys are put away

Thank you so very much!

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