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Fishers of Men (K-1) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

July 9, 2010

Date Class Scripture Theme
Jan 17 — 2010 K-1
Mark 1:14-21

Part One:

Follow Me

Part Two: Become fishers of men

We want to introduce Jesus to other people.

Prepared by: Teresa Klassen


Introducing the big idea (5 Minutes)

Have the kids stand in a circle.

Say, “Today, I would like us to introduce ourselves to the class.  This is what we are going to do…”

  • Have them say their name and something they like (a food or a color or a movie…whatever they can think of).
  • When you move to the next person they have to say the name of the person who just spoke and what they like, and then their own name and what they like by saying something like this (example): “This is my friend Anikah, she likes icecream. My name is Colson, I like cars.”
  • Go around the circle this way.
  • When you are all done, then try a new twist on the game. See if anyone can remember everyone’s name and what they like.

Transition (2 Minute)

Thank you for introducing yourselves to the class. It was nice to hear your name and something you liked.  Now that I know those things, it makes me feel like I know you a little bit better.  Now if someone new comes to class, I can introduce you to them and say, (give them some examples of what you just heard) “This is ___________ and he/she likes______________”

Just like we introduce new friends, Jesus wants to introduce Him as a new friend to people that you know!

He wants us to tell people about Him so that they understand how much he loves Him; just like our Bible verse says, God loves the whole world! And he wants us to introduce him to everyone!

Bible Story (5-8 Minutes)

* Items needed: blue tape, nets, towels, Bible Story (for the nets I went to a gardening store and got a roll of netting)

Last week we talked about how Jesus went to the Sea of Galilee – remember, you made a big lake and you had boats and nets – and we learned how Jesus asked people to follow Him just like he asks us to follow Him. We talked about how Jesus is kind to people, and so we should be kind too. We talked about how Jesus helped people, and how we should help too.

Today we are going to listen to that same story again…but this time, we are going to learn about something ELSE Jesus said.

To begin with, let’s make our lake again!

  • Have the kids make a lake with the blue tape by giving them pieces of tape (about a foot of tape) and letting them “build a lake.” Let them have fun with this and make the lake however they want to.
  • Then place the towels in the lake for boats and give each child a net.
  • As they sit there, read them the story “Fishers of Men” from the Read with me Bible, pages 290-294.
  • End with the statement – “Fish were very, very important to Peter and Andrew, James and John. All day they fished and filled their boat with fish and sold their fish in the market. Their whole life was about fish. When Jesus said, ‘I will make you fishers of men’ – what he was saying was that people were more important than fish. Jesus said, instead of spending all your time catching fish, I want you care about people and introduce me to them…”

The Fish! (5 Minutes)

* Items needed: Bible verse fish, color guides, string clips

  • Now take the fish that have been provided and spread them in the lake near where the kids can catch them and put them in their nets – don’t put all of them out at once…put some out and then some more out, near different boats….
  • The fish have a color
  • On the wall there will be a couple of strings with clothespins, with a corresponding color above the clothespins. The kids need to take the fish out of their nets and find the right clip and then clip the fish to the right clothespin with the PICTURES THAT ARE PASTED ON THE FISH TO THE OUTSIDE (so they can be seen)
  • The words spell out our memory verse.

Memory Verse (5-8 Minutes)

* Items needed: Bible flash cards x 2

  • Divide the kids into two groups
  • Take some time to go over the memory verse with the children using the flashcards (do this one one time)
  • And then point to the fish to go over the verse a few more times

Jesus loves my friends! (5-8 Minutes)

  • Construction paper, fish, heading (“Jesus loves my friends”), nets, glue, stapler

Just as Jesus talked to his friends about making sure that they cared about people more than any other thing, and that they would see how important it was to introduce Jesus to the people they would meet. Jesus is asking us to do the same.  Jesus loves your friends and neighbors very, very much. Let’s think about our friends today and write their names on these fish to remind us that we also are to be “fishers of men.”

  • First, divide the kids into two groups – the ones who can already print, and the ones who can’t.
  • For the kids who can already print, have them write the names of friends they know or kids from their classroom onto the fish
  • Have your helper help the other group of kids who can’t print yet to do the same
  • While they are doing that, use the nets from our story-telling time and staple them onto the construction paper.
  • Have the kids glue their “heading” onto the net, and then glue the fish onto the net as well (make sure they also print their own name on the paper or on a fish as well)

Snack & Blessing (1 Minute)

  • Items needed: Fishy crackers

Pray for the kids:

“I pray this blessing over each one of you.

Each of you is precious in God’s sight.

God sees you every minute of every day and he loves you.

I pray that you will come to know and love Jesus with all your heart for all your days.

May the Lord bless you and protect you.

May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.

May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.


Give the kids a cup of fish.

Clean Up!

Since our building is used for many different things, we need to make sure we clean up after ourselves. You can definitely have the kids help you do this near the end of the morning!!

  • Please use the BAG provided to put all the left-over items into it, and then you can leave your bag in the classroom.
  • Please pick up all the garbage and put it in the trash
  • If there are chairs or stools, please fold or stack them and put them away
  • Please turn the heat down (applicable for youth room and Gazebo) to 10 degrees
  • Please make sure any TVs/DVDs/Projectors are powered off
  • Please make sure all toys are put away

Thank you so very much!

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