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Abraham – God’s Promises (Preschool) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

July 20, 2010
Date Class Scripture Theme
October 4th Preschool
Gen 15:5 Abraham-God’s Promises

Prepared by: Karleigh Neufeld

Ten Little things to do (in any order)

1. Free time (10 minutes)

2. Worship time  ( CD) (5 minutes)

Play CD and sing along to the simple songs 2 or 3… see how alert the kids are…

3. Put the stars in the sky  (5 minutes)

There will be a black piece of construction paper on the wall…. have the kids stick stars on the black “sky”  ( showing Abrahams decendants.)

4. Abraham DVD (3 minutes)

Read N Share DVD series

5. Snacks (5 minutes)

Star Shaped Crackers…..there are stars and other shapes in the boxes…. You could pick through them and make sure every kids gets one star at least.

6. Bible memory (5 minutes)

In the Bible, we learn God makes Promises. God loves us and promises to take care of us  no matter what. Let’s see if we can remember this Bible verse, first you can practice with me, and then if you put up your hand, you can try to remember it and say it back to me!

Psalm 119:105 105 Your word is a lamp to my feet…

Actions:  most kids won’t be interested, but the older kids might like to follow along.

Your: point to the Sky

Word : open hands like a book

Lamp: hold up finger light a light

Feet: Point to feet.

7. Craft:  Stars with glitter (5-8 minutes)

This will take a little hands on help, a good chance to sit with a child and help them put the little star picture together:

Stars, glue, glitter, , black construction paper,

Help children to paint glitter on the stars after they glue them on the “ sky” ( black construction paper)

8. Father Abraham Song  with actions  Song (3 minutes)

9. Prayer

Bring the children together to pray with them

i.     thank God that we could learn more about Him today

ii.     thank Him that He loves us.

iii.     thank Him that He is our friend and that He keeps His promises

10. Free Play/colouring sheet for older kids ( father Abraham pointing to the stars….)

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