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Adam & Eve: Broken Friendship with God (K-1) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

July 20, 2010
Date Class Scripture Theme
Sept 20, 2009 K-1
Genesis 3 Adam & Eve: Broken Friendship with God

Introducing the big idea (5 Minutes – keep it moving so kids stay tuned in)

“What is this?” (Hold up a traffic light prop, let the kids answer)

“What does it do?”

“What is the Red light for? What is the Yellow light for? What is the Green light for?”

“What would happen if we didn’t have any of these?”

“Traffic lights give us rules about when to stop, slow down or go. These are good rules. They are meant to keep us safe. When we break the rules we can hurt others. When we break the rules the police can give us a ticket. They don’t give us a ticket to just make us feel bad, they give us a ticket so that we will change our behaviour and drive in a safe way!”

OK. Let’s see how good we are at following traffic rules

Game – Red Light/Green Light: (5 Minutes, keep the game short)

Have the kids line up at the end of the room and explain that when you say Green light they can take steps towards you, but when you say red light, they have to stop! If they don’t stop, they have to go back to the line.

Transition: (1 Minutes)

Traffic rules are meant to keep us from accidents.

Remember last week, we talked about how God made us and loves us. Remember, he made the water and the sky and all the animals and finally he made people.

Well, today we are going to talk about the first people God made and the rule God made for them to keep them safe…and the important rule that they didn’t keep.

Take a look…

Adam & Eve Sin, DVD: (3 Minutes)

From Read N Share Bible DVD series (See Great Resources Page)

Retelling the Story of Broken Friendship (8 Minutes)

* Credit for this idea: Creative Storytelling Guide For Children’s Ministry by Steven James

Adam and Eve were such good friends with God. God gave them one rule, “don’t eat from that one tree in the middle of the garden.” But they chose to disobey God.  And this is what happened as a result.  I am going to need some help for this next part.  I need someone who can play Adam and Eve (Choose a boy and a girl). And I need someone who can represent God (choose someone to represent God).

(Have God stand on one side of you and Adam & Eve on the other. Then take the stick provided and say) This stick represents friendship – I am going to have God hold one end of the stick and Adam hold the other. This shows how close Adam and Eve were to God – they had a wonderful friendship in the garden. Nothing separated them. They would go walking with God in the garden. They were so connected with each other.

But then Adam and Eve disobeyed God and broke that one rule that he gave them. And this badly damaged their friendship; in fact…it broke it (have Adam or Eve break the stick. Now God is holding a broken stick and so is Adam or Eve).

Now people could no longer enjoy a close friendship with God because they had disobeyed God, they had sinned.

They left the garden and were separated from God…go ahead, move apart (have God stand on one side of the room and Adam and Eve on the other).

From then on, people tried to get close to God by being Good.

Eve…you were good today, take one step towards God. (have her take step forward)

Oh, but then you did something wrong…take one step back. (have her take a step back)

Adam…you were really really good today, take a few steps forward. Poor Eve, she is left behind.

But then Eve, you decide to be really really good, even better than Adam and so you can take one step more than Adam.

Oh but then Adam, you had a bad day where you lied and maybe even cheated. You are back against the wall.

And Eve, you gossiped…back against the wall.

(you can keep going with this if you want, making them move forward and back)

We are just like Adam and Eve. We can never make it on our own to God. Because we always sin. We all, always sin.

(Take the stick from Adam and Eve and have them each hold one end of the stick so they are side by side holding the stick) This friendship would always have been broken, except for one thing. God loves us so much and he wants this friendship to be fixed.

(Move over to God and bring him over to Adam & Eve, have him stand behind them, but between them – behind their stick. Take God’s stick and hold up God’s stick)

God sent Jesus to mend the broken friendship. Jesus died on the cross to pay for our sin (hold the stick against Adam and Eve’s stick to form the cross and then have God hold it there)

By doing this, we became close with God again.

This cross was God’s part, and our part is inviting Jesus to forgive us and to lead us.

But how do we do that…?

The Color of Forgiveness! (8 Minutes)

Each child is given a piece of paper with squares on it and a little package of colors. Just walk through the story now, using colors to tell the plan of salvation.

Black: Black is for sin. Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, and we sin too. Sin broke our friendship with God and separates us from Him.

Red: Red is for the blood that Jesus shed on the cross to pay for our sin. This was the only way to mend our friendship.

White: If we accept Jesus and turn from our sins, our hearts are made clean. We accept Jesus by admitting that we sin, and believing he can forgive us, and inviting him to lead us.

Green: Green is about growing to love Jesus more and more and obey him more and more. When we read the Bible, and pray, and learn from other people who believe in Jesus and serve Him…we grow!

Learning September’s Bible Verse: (5-10 Minutes)

See how well the kids remember the verse from last week

Bible Verse Hop: (this will be prepared for you)

Using masking tape, make 10 lines. Each line represents a word of the verse. Use the printouts to put at the end of the line (see diagram).

“I have put my trust in God’s love.” 1 John 4:16

  • Start with all the kids in a row and learn the first word standing on the first line: “I”
  • Then step back off the line and hop onto the first line again saying the word “I” and hop to the next word and say “have”
  • Go back to the beginning and hop on the first line “I”, second line “have” and add the third “put”
  • Go back to the beginning and hop on the first line “I”, second line “have” and add the third “put” and add the fourth line “my”

For this first week, do the whole thing fairly quickly, even if it seems they aren’t quite getting it. We will do this each week until they get it.

At the end of the exercise, give each child a little reward for their good work!

What About You? (8 Minutes) (this is for small group leaders)

This is a small group time. Today’s questions are:

1.            “What did you learn from today’s story?”

2.            “Why did Jesus die on the cross for us?” (to pay for our sin)

3.            “What did the ABC’s stand for…?” (go through this again with them)

Ask if there is anyone who would like to pray and then tell them you are going to pray for them at the end.

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