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Creation – God made me! (Preschool) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

July 20, 2010
Date Class Scripture Theme
Sept 13, 2009 Preschool
Genesis 1-2 God made me!

By Teresa Klassen

Ten Little things to do

1. Free time (10 minutes)
2. Story Time (a book with pictures about Creation and how God made me) (5 minutes)
3. The Name Game

The Bible tells us that God made the whole wide world. He made all the animals and Adam, the first person God made, named the animals. He called this animal a ____

(Have a whole bunch of animals that you pull out of a box that the kids can name, after each animal you say, “When God made a ___ he said “this is good! I like what I made”)

Finish with: “Who else did God make?” (in the box is a mirror, hold it out in front of a child so they can see themselves and say, “God made (child’s name) and he said, “I like how I made (child’s name). He/She is good!”)

4. Creation Exploration! (10 minutes)

Each child is given a sheet of paper with this poem that has a square beside it. They will move around a circuit in the room to glue a craft piece onto their square representing that day of creation.

Day one brought heaven, earth and light,

It must have been so very bright!

(Craft piece is a round foam piece representing earth)

Day two God made the clear blue sky!

A place for many birds to fly.

(Sky with clouds)

Day three brought land, apart from seas,

With all the plants, grass and trees.

(Craft piece is a tree)

Day four shone stars and moon and sun

The work of God was not yet done.

(Stars, moon, sun)

Day five we see the fish and birds

God did all of this with just His words.

(fish and birds)

Day six God formed all beasts and man

To finish His creation plan.

(A person standing with an animal)

Day seven was especially blessed,

A day for worship and for rest.

(A little church)

5. Creation Stretch (3 minutes)

Head and


Knees and toes

Knees and toes

Knees and toes
Head and

Knees and toes
Eyes that see…

God made me!

6. Creation Story DVD (3 minutes)

From the Read N Share DVD series (See Great Resources Page)

7. Creation Snacks (5 minutes)

God made all of these good things for us to eat! (have some fruits and vegetables for the children)

8. Bible memory (5 minutes)

In the Bible, we learn that God made the whole world. What kinds of things did he make? (Let the children answer)

God also made us. God loves us and the Bible tells us that God is love!!

Let’s see if we can remember this Bible verse, first you can practice with me, and then if you put up your hand, you can try to remember it and say it back to me! (you can do an action for God, pointing up, and then for love, cross your arms across your chest like you are giving yourself a hug)

“God is love.” (1 John 4:16)

9. “God made me” game (5-8 minutes)

Ahead of time: A person is drawn onto some foam and colored nicely. Then we cut this up into puzzle pieces.

To play the game the teacher says “go” and kids have to arrange the foam pieces to make a person and when they are done they call out, “God made me”

10. Prayer

Break the group up into smaller groups if it is large,

  • thank God that we could learn more about Him today
  • thank God that the Bible teaches us that He made us and that we are wonderfully made
  • pray that each child would know that God made them and loves them

leave room for children to pray as well, invite them to thank Jesus for making them

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