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I am not an accident! God made me! (K-1) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

July 20, 2010
Date Class Scripture Theme
Sept 13, 2009 K-1
Genesis 1-2 You didn’t just happen by accident. God made you and He loves you!

Introducing the big idea (8 Minutes – keep it moving so kids stay tuned in)

“Today we are going to make something and I am going to need your help. We are going to hopefully make a person out of these pieces that I have in front of you, but each group is going to do it differently.”


First group has a box a blanket: They need to put all their pieces in a box, wrap it up with the blanket and then wait until the sand runs out.

Second group has a bucket and a stir stick: They need to put all their pieces in the bucket and then stir it until the sand timer runs out.

Third group has a monkey and 4 “magic” boxes. Their goal is to put the monkey in the first box. Count to 5. Take it out and put it in the next box and count to five. Etc. Until they put it in the last box, where they will leave it until the teacher asks them to take it out.

Fourth group is a couple of kids who will actually put the pieces of the person together during the time the have been given.

Making The Point (allow kids to interact with the questions you ask them)

At the end of the time the teacher goes to the first group to see what came of waiting with the right pieces and keeping them warm. Obviously nothing has happened.

“That’s interesting. So even though there are pieces in there and you kept them nice and warm, and gave them some time…nothing happened? Why didn’t it work?”

With the second group, the teacher takes a look at what came of stirring all those pieces together.

“That’s interesting. So even though there are pieces in there and you stirred and stirred giving them plenty of time to connect by themselves, nothing happened? Why didn’t the pieces just find each other and connect by themselves?

With the third group, the teacher wonders what will happen when they take the monkey out of the box.

“That’s interesting. Wow. That still doesn’t look like a person. Why didn’t that work?” (Encourage the kids to think about the fact that a monkey is a monkey and was never meant to be a person)

With the fourth group, the teacher sees that finally a person has been put together.

“Now that finally looks like a person. How did that happen?” (encourage the kids to think about the differences. It took actual hands to put it together. You needed the right parts. It couldn’t happen by accident)

Transition: (1 Minute)

“When you look around this room you see all kinds of things that were made, don’t you?

Who made the doors?

Who made the toys?

Who painted this mural?

Today I want to talk to you about how the whole world was made.

The answer to how you were made comes from the Bible. The Bible is God’s story that we can read, and it tells us all about how He made us, and how He loves us, and how He wants to be our friend forever.

In the Bible there is a book called Genesis, can you say that with me? “Genesis” – Genesis tells the true story about how everything was made…take a look!

DVD – “The Beginning”: (3 Minutes)

Read and Share Bible DVD series (see the Great Resources page)

Review of the Bible Story (5 Minutes)

  • “So the Bible teaches us that the earth didn’t happen by accident, who created it?” (God)

  • “He created the light and what did he call that?” (day)
  • “What did God call the darkness?” (night)
  • “He also made the beautiful blue…” (sky)

“He grew plants, flowers, and trees with seeds; He created the sun, the moon and the stars—so that there would be days and different seasons. He filled the seas with fish, the sky with birds, and the earth with all kinds of wild animals! All of this creating was very important to God! And he was very happy with it. In fact, after he created all these things, he looked at them and said, “This is good!”

After he had prepared the earth, God said, “Let us make people in our image, to be like us. They will be in charge of the earth and the plants and the animals that live on it.” So God formed the first man from the dust of the ground. Then he breathed his own breath into him and he became alive. Do you remember what name God gave that first man?” (Adam)

And then God created the first woman. Do you remember what name He gave her? (Eve)

God made people because He loves them. He made us so that we would love Him back; He always wanted people to be His friends, to talk to Him, and to hear how He loves them and will help them.

You never have to wonder who made you. God made you!

You never have to wonder if you are special to God, you are special!

You never have to wonder if it is OK to talk to God; he always wants to hear from you.

You never have to wonder if he loves you; He loves each one of us the same.

The Bible says “We have put our trust in God’s love. God is love.” 1 John 4:16”

Learning September’s Bible Verse: (5-10 Minutes)

It’s OK if they don’t get it all this week. They have 3 weeks to learn it.

Bible Verse Hop: (this will be prepared for you)

Using masking tape, make 10 lines. Each line represents a word of the verse. Use the printouts to put at the end of the lines.

“I have put my trust in God’s love.” 1 John 4:16

  • Start with all the kids in a row and learn the first word standing on the first line: “I”
  • Then step back off the line and hop onto the first line again saying the word “I” and hop to the next word and say “have”
  • Go back to the beginning and hop on the first line “I”, second line “have” and add the third “put”
  • Go back to the beginning and hop on the first line “I”, second line “have” and add the third “put” and add the fourth line “my”

For this first week, do the whole thing fairly quickly, even if it seems they aren’t quite getting it. We will do this each week until they get it.

At the end of the exercise, give each child a little reward for their good work!

What About You? (8 Minutes) (this is for small group leaders)

This is a small group time. Today’s questions are:

1.            “What did you like best about today’s story?”

2.            “God made you. What is one thing you like about the way God made you?” (if children need prompting, ask them about what they like about themselves, or what are they good at, or what do they like to do…as a leader, just affirm their uniqueness)

Ask if there is anyone who would like to pray and then tell them you are going to pray for them at the end.

We could make this poem a part of a handout for kids/parents:

A poem about Creation

Adapted from a poem by an author unknown.

Day one brought heaven, earth and light,

It must have been so very bright!

Day two God made the clear blue sky!

A place for many birds to fly.

Day three brought land, apart from seas,

With all the plants, grass and trees.

Day four shone stars and moon and sun

The work of God was not yet done.

Day five we see the fish and birds

God did all of this with just His words.

Day six God formed all beasts and man

To finish His creation plan.

Day seven was especially blessed,

A day for worship and for rest.

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