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Joseph/Prayer (Grade 4-6) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

July 20, 2010

Date Class Scripture Theme
October 11/09 Grade 4-6 Genesis 24-50 Joseph – Jesus hears me (emphasis on prayer)

Prepared by: Teresa Klassen

Introducing the big idea (3 Minutes – keep it moving so kids stay tuned in)

To start off this morning, I have a guessing game.  I have a number of things that make a sound, and I need you to guess what they are…

(we will have a whole assortment of stuff, you can use an assistant if you like. Use the Ping-pong table as a screen so they can’t see what the things are)

Conclusion: Now what is the point of all that. The point is, that you figured out what these sounds were. They were all different from each other…but you could pick out the sound and figure out what they were.  The same thing is true of your voice…God can pick out your voice from everyone else’s. We’ll talk more about that in a minute.  First, let’s hear the story of one man’s unique voice and how God heard him when he felt very, very alone.

STORY/DVD: (8 minutes)

Story of Joseph using the Brick Testament (story is told in Lego) (please get permission first) or you can go to YouTube and look up Lego Joseph or Bible story of Joseph and you will find some good links.

Conclusion: Usually we talk about Joseph, we talk about his amazing coat of many colors…but today I want you to think about how alone Joseph must have often felt.  Alone – because his brothers didn’t like him. Alone – because they threw him in a pit. Alone – because he got sold to slave traders and taken to a foreign country, and later Alone – in Jail. That was a lot of alone time. Put yourself in his place for a minute…

Retelling the Story – Drama (5-8 Minutes)

Characters:                                                             Props:

  • Teacher Narrator                                    –            Coat
  • Brother 1                                                –            Pop-tarts/breakfast table
  • Brother 2                                                –            Chair to use as “jail”
  • Brother 3
  • Dad
  • Joseph
  • Slave-Trader
  • Potipher


Narrator:            Joseph had a bunch of brothers and they all thought their dad liked Joseph best. Actually, in some ways they were right. Joseph was the baby of the family (any babies of the family here today?). New babies aren’t much good at hunting, or watching sheep. Mostly they just roll around and cry a lot, and you have to do everything for them. So, when baby Joseph came along, of course Jacob spent a lot of time with him. Well, that, and babies are just so cute!

But, Joseph’s brothers didn’t like it.

Brothers:            We don’t like Joseph! Grrrrrrr


Narrator:            They were jealous!

Brother 1:            We want dad to spend more time with US!


Narrator:            As the brothers got bigger and stronger they made faces at Joseph and they didn’t include Joseph in anything fun.

Brother 3:            How does it feel Joseph?

Joseph:            I feel pretty alone.

Brothers make silly faces at Joseph


Narrator:            When their dad wasn’t around, they bossed him around

Brother 2:            Hey Joseph, pick up my socks!

Brother 3:            Hey Joseph, it is your turn to do the dishes AGAIN!


Narrator:            It probably didn’t help that their dad gave Joseph a really cool coat

Dad gives Joseph a cool coat

Joseph:            Hey look at my awesome coat you guys

Brothers:            (look mad) Grrrrr

Brother 1:            We don’t want you around.

Brother 2:            Yeah, so how does that feel?

Joseph:            I feel pretty alone.


Narrator:            Joseph’s brothers were SURE their father liked Joseph best. And maybe he did. But Jacob loved each of his sons, and would have given his life for any one of them.

The next morning, they were all sitting down for breakfast.

Brothers sit down to have breakfast (pop tarts)

And Joseph was bragging about a dream he had in which he was more powerful than they were

Joseph:            (bragging) Hey, I had this dream where I was way more powerful than you guys!

Brothers give him nasty looks

Brother 1:            You’re not the boss of us, you know! (sticks his tongue out)


Narrator:            Later, out in the fields…later out in the fields. Ok, brothers, you need to move out into the fields and I am going to need some people to play sheep.

Position brothers out in a “field” along with a flock of sheep


Narrator:            As I was saying, the brothers were out in the fields and Joseph came along.

Brother 2:            I have had enough of Joseph

Brother 3:            Let’s throw him in this pit and then later tonight let us trade him to some slave traders for some quick cash…we can get a new x-box with the money.


Narrator:            And that is exactly what they did – minus the x-box.

I need a slave trader here, and Potipher here, and then we need a chair to be jail (arrange all this)

OK. Joseph…you need to stand with these slave traders. And slave trader, I need you now to pass Joseph off to Potipher – he was the guy in Egypt who bought Joseph. But things only went OK for a little time and Joseph then got put into Jail. Sorry Joseph.

Joseph:            Now I feel really, really alone.


Narrator:            Things weren’t great in Jail, but Joseph wasn’t alone. Yes, there were other prisoners, but Joseph knew that even in this awful place, God was with him and God heard his prayers…

The story has a good ending, by the way, Joseph is eventually freed from Jail after a long time and becomes the most powerful man in Egypt, second only to Pharoah. He reunites with his brothers and forgives them, and actually ends up saving them from a deadly family…

But back to the thing about Joseph’s prayers…prayer is an awesome thing because the Bible says that God hears us no matter where we are…let’s take a look at a great passage of Scripture:

Reading The Bible (5 Minutes)

Give each group pretzels – and as you do, ask the group if they know where pretzels come from. Explain that pretzels are a really old snack! They have been around for over 1,000 years! In those days, Christians prayed with their hands crossed over their chests; one day a worker in the church made pretzels to look like those hands crossed in prayer.  They were given as treats to children who memorized their prayers. Pretzels came from a word meaning “Little Reward”.

  • Divide the class into three groups.  Give them the handout and a couple of bibles each.
  • Have them look up the passage of Scripture  IN PSALM 139(let them try on their own, help where needed)
  • Have each group fill in the blanks for their group.
  • When you are done, have someone at the table read their passage (do the groups in order)
  • As the leader, pause to explain what this verse is saying, especially if there are words that confuse the kids
  • The point: God is always with us, attentive to us, listening to us, interacting with us


1            O LORD, you have searched me and __________ me!

2            You know when I ___________ down and when I _____________ up;

You ___________ my thoughts from afar.

3            You search out my _____________ and my lying down

and are acquainted with all my ___________.

4            Even before a word is on my ___________,

behold, O LORD,(D) you _______ it altogether.


8            If I ascend to ___________, you are there!

If I make my bed in Sheol, you are there!

9            If I take the wings of the __________

and dwell in the uttermost parts of the __________,

10            even there your hand shall lead me,

and your right hand shall hold me.


11            If I say, “Surely the darkness shall ________ me,

and the light about me be night,”

12            even the darkness is not __________ to you;

the night is bright as the day,

for darkness is as __________ with you.

Reinforce (5-8 minutes) – We are never alone, we can always talk to Jesus

Come up with a Top 10 list of things you are most likely to talk to God about (use the Easel to write down their answers)

After, ask questions like:

  • Do you think God wants to hear about the ordinary things in your day?
  • Does God want to hear about problems you are having with friends?
  • Does God want to hear about things you are afraid about or worried about?
  • Does a person have to “know how” to talk to God?

Last Q: Do we just talk to God, or does God talk back to us?

Conclude: The fact is, God wants to talk to us. One of the ways he wants to talk to us is through the Bible.  Remember our verse from last week? That the Bible is like a light on our path…directing us and leading us?

Learning The Bible Verse: (5 Minutes) – this is week 2 of learning this verse. They did the same actions last week.

“First of all, does anyone remember the verse without me even helping you? Let’s see…”

Verse: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105

One great way to memorize Scripture is by using actions…so we are going to use actions to memorize this verse…


Your:             Point out, away from yourself

Word:             Open your hands like a Bible

Is A:            Clap twice

Lamp:            Make a “tent” over your head, like a lampshade

To:            Two fingers like a peace sign

My:            Cross your arms over your chest

Feet:            Point down with both hands to your feet

And A:            Clap twice

Light:            Hold your finger up like a candle, and use the other hand to wiggle your fingers and imitate a flame

To:            Two fingers like a peace sign

My:            Cross your arms over your chest

Path:            Smooth two hands out in front of you to show a path

Psalm One hundred and nineteen verse one hundred and five


If you have time left, try timing the kids as they do the Joseph Word Search.

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