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Joseph/Prayer (K-1) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

July 20, 2010

Date Class Scripture Theme
October 11/09 K-1
Genesis 24-50 Joseph – Jesus hears me (emphasis on prayer)

Prepared by: Teresa Klassen

Introducing the big idea (3 Minutes – keep it moving so kids stay tuned in)

Have everyone standing up and say, “You can sit down when I call out a color that you are wearing.” (example, “If you are wearing something red, you can sit down”)

Today we are going to listen to a Bible Story about a boy who had all of those colors on at once – he had a very colourful coat. Do you know what his name is? (Joseph)

Even though he had a very nice coat, he had some very bad things happen to him and there were many times when he felt very, very alone. Let’s listen to his story.

DVD: (10-12 Minutes) – this week we are watching 2 DVD segments!

PLAY PART ONE: DVD segment “Joseph The slave” (From Read N Share series)

“What a terrible thing! Joseph’s brothers did a very bad thing didn’t they? They were jealous of Joseph and they threw him into a big hole. Can you imagine how frightened Joseph must have been being down in that hole. He must have felt SO ALONE. And then they sold him. Then he must have felt really, really alone!

Maybe you have felt alone, or someone you know has felt alone. Well, that is how Joseph must have felt. Joseph was taken far, far away to Egypt. That was a long, long, long way from his family.”

Q: What is the farthest you have been away from your home? (let the kids answer)

“Joseph wasn’t away on a holiday, he was taken away as a slave!! He had no choice, he had to go and work very hard in Egypt.

Let’s see what happens next:”

PLAY PART TWO: DVD segment “Joseph in Jail”

“When the king knew that Joseph was right, he let Joseph out of Jail. Joseph must have been very happy to get out of Jail…can you imagine being in Jail?”

Q: What do you think Jail is like? (let the kids come up with ideas)

Retelling the Story (5 Minutes)

“I have a stack of pictures here that are from our story today, but they are all mixed up!!!

Can you help me put these pictures in the right order?”

I have put a pencil number on the back of the page to help you as a teacher

Once they are in order ask the question of each picture: “What is happening in this picture” and have the children retell the story in this way.

Conclusion: “Great job remembering the story.”

Reinforce (5-8 minutes) – We are never alone, we can always talk to Jesus

“None of us have to go to jail, but there are times when we might feel alone. Did you know that you can talk to Jesus any time? And you can definitely talk to Jesus when you are alone.

Talking to Jesus is called prayer…

Jesus can hear you no matter where you are.  Just like he could hear Joseph when he was thrown into the pit or when he was in Jail, he can hear you at home, at church, at school, on the playground…everywhere!!

But how can Jesus hear your prayers when there are so many people praying all at once????

Let’s try this guessing game…”

  • you will have several objects behind a “screen” that you make (a towel over a chair) – objects that make a noise: things like a whistle, a bell, a spoon hitting a glass, a baby rattle
  • have a child come and make one of the sounds, and have the other children guess what it was
  • for each sound ask, “how did you know what that sound was?”

Conclusion: “Just as you knew what each sound was, Jesus knows the sound of your voice; he hears that it is different from any other voice. When you pray, no matter where you are, he can pick you out. Jesus always loves it when you talk to him. We talk to him, and as we listen and as we read the Bible, Jesus will speak to us as well. And his words are like a light to our path. Can you remember the verse from last week that talked about how God’s Word is a light to our path?”

Learning The Bible Verse: (5 Minutes) – this is week 2 of learning this verse. They did the same actions last week.

“First of all, does anyone remember the verse without me even helping you? Let’s see…”

  • We made a diagram with pictures the pictures to help give kids a visual of the verse and we went over this first
  • Then show them the action that goes with each picture – most kids will be able to read “Is A” and “And A” in the verse but clap twice to give them something to do…
  • Then go over it with actions…standing near the pictures so they can “cheat”
  • Say the verse reference and tell them that you are going to learn the verse for 3 weeks and on week three if they can remember where the verse is found you will give them some stickers!
  • You can see if any

Verse: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105


Your:             Point out, away from yourself

Word:             Open your hands like a Bible

Is A:            Clap twice

Lamp:            Make a “tent” over your head, like a lampshade

To:            Two fingers like a peace sign

My:            Cross your arms over your chest

Feet:            Point down with both hands to your feet

And A:            Clap twice

Light:            Hold your finger up like a candle, and use the other hand to wiggle your fingers and imitate a flame

To:            Two fingers like a peace sign

My:            Cross your arms over your chest

Path:            Smooth two hands out in front of you to show a path

Psalm One hundred and nineteen verse one hundred and five (“Who has ever counted to a hundred??? Well this verse is found in chapter one hundred and nineteen verse one hundred and five!!!”)

What About You? (8 Minutes) (this is for small group leaders)

During our small group time, give the kids a few pretzels. Explain that pretzels are a really old snack! They have been around for over 1,000 years! In those days, Christians prayed with their hands crossed over their chests; one day a worker in the church made pretzels to look like those hands crossed in prayer.  They were given as treats to children who memorized their prayers. Pretzels came from a word meaning “Little Reward” – so today we will have a little reward for our small group time!

1.            What was the name of the man in our story? (Joseph)

2.            What happened to Joseph? (He was thrown in a pit and then sold as a slave and then thrown into Jail!)

3.            When Joseph was alone, who did he talk to? (God/Jesus)

4.            Are there times when kids feel alone? When? (if they are new somewhere, if they don’t have a lot of friends, if their mom/dad divorce, if someone they are close to gets sick, other)

5.            What can we do when we feel alone? (talk to Jesus)

6.            Can we talk to Jesus anytime? (yes)

7.            How does a person pray? (you just talk, like you do to anyone, except now you are talking to Jesus)

Close the morning with the children watching: A Child’s Prayer on DVD


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