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Moses – God is powerful! (Gr 4-6) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

July 20, 2010
Date Class Scripture Theme
October 18/09 Grade 4-6 Exodus 3-4 Moses – God is powerful!

Prepared by: Teresa Klassen

Introducing the big idea (3 Minutes – keep it moving so kids stay tuned in)

“There are lots of problems that we face in our life.

A day can be going so good, and then something bad happens. Sometimes we wonder how it could ever be good again!

When something bad happens, sometimes we get angry, sometimes we cry, sometimes we feel afraid. Sometimes we feel really alone.  Sometimes we feel like something is ruined and can’t be fixed.

Sometimes people can help us with our problems. Like if something is heavy, someone stronger can help us lift it. If something is too high for us to reach, we can call on someone who is taller. If we need help with our homework, someone who is older can usually help us.

But some problems, even other people can’t help with. Maybe some of you have already faced problems like that; problems that seem too big to fix.

The only one who can help us walk through these problems is Jesus. The only one powerful enough to help us is Jesus.

Let’s look at it this way.  I am going to give each of you a little plate and a bag of salt to pour onto it. Don’t spill it!”

Salt & Pepper Illustration:

“The salt on this plate is nice and white!  Let’s say that white is good. Everything right now is good on this plate!  Everything is going fine. The white salt is like a good day in your life”

“But then. Something goes wrong. I am going to come by and give you just a little pepper. Let it sit on top of the salt, don’t mix it in.” Now, sprinkle just a tiny bit of pepper on the salt. It needs to be just a little bit; just a few flakes.

This pepper is black. The pepper is things that go wrong. Maybe something happens that makes you feel very, very sad. Or lonely. Or afraid. Or worried. Or you just don’t know what is going to happen next. All the pepper is all the problems that can make our day or our life feel very bad.

It would be hard for us to get the bad part off this plate, without taking all of the good with it too, wouldn’t it? I would either have to scoop a bunch off. Or tip it into the garbage can, or lick my finger and try to get the pepper to stick to it which is messy and doesn’t taste good…

But watch what happens when you have something more powerful involved. I am going to give you a spoon, and I want you to rub it on your shirt or pant-leg.

Get them to rub the plastic spoon on your shirt or pant-leg to build up static on the spoon. Let’s pretend that this spoon is God’s power. Let’s say this spoon is what only God can do. Watch what happens when you lower the spoon over the salt, you don’t even have to touch it and see what happens.

Lower the spoon towards the area where the pepper is and the pepper will lift off the salt to stick to the spoon.  If it doesn’t get ALL the pepper, you can wipe the spoon off and do it again.

God is so powerful, he can do amazing miracles and help us in any situation!!!

Q: What’s a miracle? (You will have a dictionary in class, have someone look it up and read it out – it is defined as “an extraordinary event taken as a sign of the supernatural power of God”)

Conclusion: Today we are going to see that there are some things that only God can do — miracles. Only God can help us with certain problems that we face. Only God can do this because only God is powerful enough!!  We are going to learn this lesson from a man named Moses!

Moses DVD (5 minutes)

There are a lot of ideas on YouTube (just watch them through though, because some are “off”). Here is one idea, it is a simple telling of the story in stop motion.

Stop Motion

Transition statement: What a crazy life Moses had. It seems exciting in some ways, but what a huge problems he faced. And we haven’t even told the whole story. When the Israelites are finally free, they fight and grumble and sin against God and Moses has to figure out how to lead all that! He faced so many problems, and he needed to know that God was all powerful and could show up and do miraculous things!

Let’s look at this story from another angle, I am going to divide you up into 4 groups… (explain next activity)

Moses Puzzle (10 minutes)

  • The story of Moses, using the Brick Testament (Lego) ( – please get permission first)
  • Each page is laid out cartoon style to tell a segment of the story
  • Each page is cut up into pieces that the kids must put together
  • When each page is put together, each little group will tell the story of Moses

    Not every square has words, so they will need to tell the story in their own words based on what they are seeing on the picture.

Telescope “Just What I can See”

“Can you imagine being Moses?

  • First, he is born at a time when Pharaoh is killing all the Hebrew babies. That’s a problem. Then, to protect him, his mother puts him in a water-proof basket and floats him on a river, a river that has crocodiles in it, I might add. That’s a problem.
  • Then he gets discovered by the royal family – the same family that is killing all the babies. That’s a problem.
  • Eventually Moses messes up and kills an Egyptian who is beating another slave and has to run for his own life. That’s a problem.
  • He ends up far away and years later God appears and asks him to go back to scary Egypt where he is wanted for murder. That’s a problem.
  • Not only that, but somehow Moses is to convince Pharaoh to let thousands of slaves go free. That could be a problem.

Moses faced problem after problem, and even thought we know how the story goes, he didn’t. He didn’t know what was coming next or how it would all turn out.

We can never see into the future, so sometimes our problems can seem really scary.

All we can see, is this much (make a small circle with your fingers); it is like looking through a telescope (look through the paper telescope). All I can see right now when I look through this is…(describe what you are seeing). But is that all there is in this classroom? Just what I can see?

You try it.

(Give the telescope to several students and get them to describe what they see. At the end, ask the question, “but is that all that there is?” For example, if a student looks at another student and says, “I see an ear” you can respond by saying, “but is that all there is to (name the student)? He/She has a whole head, a neck, a body…there is a lot more to (name of student))

The point is, we see a little, tiny, miniscule bit of life. But God sees it all. God sees all, and knows all, and is all powerful!!

(Look through telescope) When all I see is that I am not doing really well in Math…am I going to fail? (take telescope away) God says, “call on me, I want to help you, I want to help you with your future. Your whole life isn’t defined by one class. You have a huge life ahead of you and I want to help you through this”

(Look through telescope) When all I can see is my family is doing a lot of fighting…are things always going to be bed? (take your telescope away) God says, “People aren’t perfect. But I am perfect. Look to me, God says, and I will show you what real love looks like and how you can be a loving person, compassionate, forgiving of others, I can show you the way through this.”

(Look through telescope) When all I can see is a bit of myself in the mirror and I don’t always like what I see…(take telescope away) God says, “You are more than what you see in the mirror. You are growing up and changing and becoming. And you have gifts and abilities that you may not even know about. Listen to me. You wonderfully made and I have great plans for you.”

We need to be putting God’s Words into our heart, because God’s words show us the big picture which is often very different from what we can see. Especially when we are facing problems, instead of becoming afraid or depressed, God says that his words will be like a lamp to our feet and show us the way to move on.

Learning The Bible Verse: (5 Minutes)

“Does anyone remember the verse without my help? Remember the pictures we stuck on the wall? Who can say it without my help?”

  • Give them a prize for being able to say the verse (candy we will have in class)

Verse: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105


Your:             Point out, away from yourself

Word:             Open your hands like a Bible

Is A:            Clap twice

Lamp:            Make a “tent” over your head, like a lampshade

To:            Two fingers like a peace sign

My:            Cross your arms over your chest

Feet:            Point down with both hands to your feet

And A:            Clap twice

Light:            Hold your finger up like a candle, and use the other hand to wiggle your fingers and imitate a flame

To:            Two fingers like a peace sign

My:            Cross your arms over your chest

Path:            Smooth two hands out in front of you to show a path

Psalm One hundred and nineteen verse one hundred and five (“Who has ever counted to a hundred??? Well this verse is found in chapter one hundred and nineteen verse one hundred and five!!!”)

Bible Verse Match-up (10 minutes)

  • We will have a problem on the left and Bible verses on the right (with one mystery verse that they have to look up in the Bible)
  • Divide the kids up and match the problem up to what the Bible says is God’s way of helping us.
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