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Moses – God is powerful! (K-1) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

July 20, 2010

Date Class Scripture Theme
October 18/09 K-1
Exodus 3-4 Moses – God is powerful!

Prepared by: Teresa Klassen

Introducing the big idea (3 Minutes – keep it moving so kids stay tuned in)

“There are lots of problems that we face in our life.

A day can be going so good, and then something bad happens. Sometimes we wonder how it could ever be good again!

When something bad happens, sometimes we cry, sometimes we feel afraid. Sometimes we feel like something is ruined and can’t be fixed.

Sometimes people can help us with our problems. Like if something is heavy, someone stronger can help us lift it. If something is too high for us to reach, we can call on someone who is taller.

But some problems, even other people can’t help with. The only one who can help us is Jesus. The only one powerful enough to help us is Jesus.

Let’s look at it this way.  You see, I have this plate with some salt:”

Salt & Pepper Illustration:

Gather around a table, pour some salt on a plate. And then say. “The salt on this plate is nice and white!  Let’s say that white is good. Everything right now is good on this plate!  Everything is going fine.”

“But then. Something goes wrong.” Now, sprinkle just a tiny bit of pepper on the salt. It needs to be just a little bit; just a few flakes.

This pepper is black. The pepper is things that go wrong. Maybe something happens that makes you feel very, very sad. Or lonely. Or afraid. Or worried. Or you just don’t know what is going to happen next. All the pepper is all the problems that can make our day feel very bad.

It would be hard for me to get the bad part off this plate, without taking all of the good with it too, wouldn’t it? I would either have to scoop a bunch off. Or tip it into the garbage can, and then all the good white salt would go with it too.

But watch this!

Rub the plastic spoon on your shirt or pant-leg to build up static on the spoon. Let’s pretend that this spoon is God’s power. Let’s say this spoon is what only God can do. Watch this!

Lower the spoon towards the area where the pepper is and the pepper will lift off the salt to stick to the spoon.  If it doesn’t get ALL the pepper, you can wipe the spoon off and do it again.

God is so powerful, he can do amazing miracles and help us in any situation!!!

Conclusion: Today we are going to see that there are some things that only God can do. Only God can help us with certain problems that we face. Only God can do this because only God is powerful enough!!  We are going to learn this lesson from a man named Moses!

DVD: (3 Minutes) – this week we are watching 2 DVD segments!

Introduce Moses: The story of Moses is found in a book in the Bible called Exodus. When Moses was a little baby, there was a very bad King called Pharaoh in Egypt. Moses’ mother knew that Moses would be killed by the Pharaoh if she did not hide him. So she made a basket and hid Moses and saved his life.  Later on, when Moses was all grown up Moses moved away from Egypt but God speaks to him and says, “Moses, I want you to go back to Egypt and I want you to free my people from that bad king, Pharaoh. He has made my people into slaves and is cruel to them and this is a very big problem. I want you to lead my people away from Egypt.”

Moses was just an ordinary man, but he trusted that God was powerful enough to do what he said.

So Moses went back and told Pharaoh to let God’s people go. Let’s see what happens!

PLAY PART ONE: DVD segment 7 “Moses Goes Home” (Read N Share Bible DVDs)

After this, Pharaoh was very stubborn. He said he would not let the people go. Moses asked him time after time, and God sent some big trouble to Pharaoh to convince him to obey. But Pharaoh was very disobedient.

How would Moses ever get away from Egypt with all God’s people?

Moses Maze (2 Minutes)

Take 3 minutes to let the kids do this simple little maze to take Moses through the Maze from being a baby all the way to the Red Sea: Click here for an idea

DVD: (3 Minutes) – this week we are watching 2 DVD segments!

What’s Next?: Eventually stubborn Pharaoh said, “OK Moses. Take the people and go.” He wasn’t happy about it, but he let Moses take the people.

Let’s see what happens next!

PLAY PART TWO: DVD segment 8 “Moses parts the water”

“Isn’t that incredible? What do you think it would be like to walk through the middle of the ocean on dry land and have the water beside you like two walls as you walked along? What do you think you would see?

Let the kids respond to this question.

It must have been SO FRIGHTENING to think that God was rescuing you but when you looked behind you saw all of Pharaohs army coming after you!!! You would run, but you wouldn’t be fast enough.  What did God do to rescue the people? Do you remember what you saw on the DVD?

Let the kids respond to this question

Moses Puzzle – Retell the story (5 Minutes)

“I have some bags with puzzle pieces here and I am going to divide you up into 6 groups.  When I say go, you can open your bag and take out your pieces and see how fast you can put the picture together. And when you are all done. You can tell us what your picture is about.”

* Sorry I do not have the links to the pictures we used, but what we did was found a picture that represented a part of the story, and cut it into pieces to form the puzzles.

  • The bags are numbered, so place the groups so you know which group is group 1 and group 2 and so on.
  • When the kids have all assembled their simple puzzles, start with group 1 and first ask them to tell you what their picture is about
  • When they are done, then read the simple script that is on each picture.

Conclusion: “This is the story of Moses that we find in the Bible. It is a story that tells us how much God loves people and how nothing is too big of a problem for him!  God can do anything. When God does something big and powerful, it is called a miracle, because it is something only God can do!

Remember in the story how God put that big flame in the sky for Moses? Wasn’t that amazing?  Well, our Bible verse talks about God’s Word being a big light on our path. It sure was for Moses! And it still is the same for us.  Let’s see if we can remember our Bible verse today…

Learning The Bible Verse: (5 Minutes)

“Does anyone remember the verse without me even helping you? Remember the pictures on the wall? Who can say it without my help?”

  • There are still pictures on the wall to give them a hint
  • Today, as they do the verse, give them a little prize of some verse stickers as a reward for learning their verse.

Verse: Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105


Your:             Point out, away from yourself

Word:             Open your hands like a Bible

Is A:            Clap twice

Lamp:            Make a “tent” over your head, like a lampshade

To:            Two fingers like a peace sign

My:            Cross your arms over your chest

Feet:            Point down with both hands to your feet

And A:            Clap twice

Light:            Hold your finger up like a candle, and use the other hand to wiggle your fingers and imitate a flame

To:            Two fingers like a peace sign

My:            Cross your arms over your chest

Path:            Smooth two hands out in front of you to show a path

Psalm One hundred and nineteen verse one hundred and five (“Who has ever counted to a hundred??? Well this verse is found in chapter one hundred and nineteen verse one hundred and five!!!”)

What About You? (8 Minutes) (this is for small group leaders)

During our small group time, give the kids a little “bag lunch” (it will have some crackers in it) and say “When Moses and the people left Egypt they had to leave their homes and take their things and their food with them. So that is why we are having our snack in a bag today.”

1.            What was the name of the man in our story? (Moses)

2.            What did God ask Moses to do? (take his people out of Egypt)

3.            Did the King want to let the people go? (no)

4.            When the people were finally allowed to go, what was the big problem that they ran into? (the red sea in front of them, and Pharaoh’s army behind them)

5.            What did God do to solve this big problem? (he parted the sea)

6.            Have you ever had a big problem that you asked God to help you with? (let the kids share)

Next week we are going to learn more about Moses and 10 important rules that God gave him to help all people live God’s way.  We are going to be looking at one of these important rules!

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