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The Bridge (Free Sunday School Activity for Children)

August 3, 2010

The Bridge For Kids

* Original Illustration by Bill Hybels. Rewritten for kids and illustrated with “stick-men” 🙂 by Teresa Klassen

1.   We matter to God.  He made us and He has always loved us and wanted to share his love with us in a very close friendship. In the beginning when God first made the world we did have a close friendship and our hearts were clean and right. (Point out: Who is God and who the people are in the picture. Point out how God is sharing His perfect love with all the people. Point out how God’s heart is clean and how people’s hearts were clean too)

2.But people disobeyed God and threw away His love and did whatever they wanted no matter what God said. They did all kinds of bad things – lying, cheating, gossiping, murder; they were unkind to other people and selfish and cruel – all of these things are called sin. Our sin is ugly and it sticks to us and makes our hearts unclean. (Point out: how people are no longer happy and how God is disappointed. Point out how people threw away God’s love. Point out how there are all kinds of sins sticking to people. Point out how God’s heart is still perfect, but now people’s hearts are darkened by sin)

3.  Our sin got in between and pushed God away. Our sin now meant that God is here and we are there and we can’t be together…ever. (Point out: how sin pushed God away and created a big gap between us and God. Sin separates us from God)

4.  People often think they can fix this problem by themselves. (Point out: the man saying “I can fix this”)

5.  So they try to be really, really good. But you know what…that doesn’t fix it. (Point out: how the people are smiling nicely and trying to be really good. Then point out how even doing really good things doesn’t get rid of our sin problem)

6.  People think “If I go to church” then my sins will all be fixed up. But that doesn’t work. (Point out: the church building over the people and explain how even going to church doesn’t fix our sin problem)

7.  None of us can DO THINGS to find our way back to God, we can’t earn forgiveness at all.

There is only one way for us to be with God in a close friendship. Someone has to pay for our sin; someone needs to forgive us. (Point out: how sin is still a really big problem and how God is saying that He is the only one who can fix it)

8.  Jesus is the only one who could pay for our sin. Jesus is perfect; He never ever sinned so He was the only one who could take all the sin that was stuck to us, the ugliness of all the sin in the world to the cross. Jesus took all those sins in his hands and when he was nailed to the cross and those sins were nailed there too.  His blood washed those sins away.

Jesus died for us and so all the ugliness of our sin died too. And when Jesus came alive on Easter Sunday…He showed us that we could have new life and clean hearts too.  Jesus gives us a new hearts, we only need to believe in Him.(Point out: how Jesus took our sins upon himself and “squashed” sin. The sins that were stuck on people are now nailed to the cross. Point out that when our sins were taken off of us, our hearts became clean again. Point out how the Cross is like a bridge that we can cross over to do life with God in our lives)

9. When you receive the gift of new life from Jesus…then his cross becomes like a Bridge that we walk across and now we can be close to God because we have new hearts.  That doesn’t mean we don’t ever sin – sometimes we do – but now we know that we can ask for forgiveness and Jesus is always washing us clean and giving us a new heart.

When we say thank you to Jesus for dying for our sins and coming alive again to give us new life; when we decide to follow Him, we move from here….to here…and God lives in our hearts and and is always with us and will always lead us. (Point out: when we believe in Jesus and what He did for us on the cross, that allows us to use His cross as a bridge so that we can live with God leading us. Now we are able to be with God, be guided by Him, understand His love and share His love with others)

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    • admin permalink

      These look really great! I included a link on my links page…any way I can see a full segment (the Christmas one would interest me a lot)? I will create a review page for you if you send me something and create a separate page for you under my great things to buy section. In any case, thanks for contacting me and all the best to you…there is a HUGE need for great animated product for kids. I really struggle to find good, clear, interesting dvd content for kids.

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