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The Good Samaritan (Preschool) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

September 9, 2010
Date Group Scripture Title
Sept. 12/2010 Preschool The Good Samaritan
Telling the story of Jesus with your life.

Written/Arranged by Nadine Rigby

Ten Little Things

1. Free Playtime

Try and encourage the kids to play together (play time, but as a group around 1 activity. It could be playdough or blocks or puzzles or whatever, but to have the children start together with something)

2. Opening activity (Singing) (5 minutes)

Start off by singing the “more we get together” 

“The more we get together, together, together”  (gather kids into a circle, and hold hand swinging to the motion of the song)

“The more we get together, the happier we’ll be” (make a silly happy face)

Cause your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends” (point to yourself and then kids around you)

”the more we get together the happier we’ll be”. (make a silly face)

(Sing a few times)

3. Read (5 minutes)

Bible Story : The Good Samaritan

Read from the “Children’s Favourite Bible stories” pg. 305

4. Watch (5 minutes)

Show Good Samaritan DVD. There are a lot of ideas on YouTube

Here is a suggestion:

5. Game (5 minutes)

Being a good friend and neighbour game.

God wants us to be a good friend and neighbour to everyone. A neighbour is everyone around you both far and wide. This means being nice to those around us. We are going to play a fun game where you tell me if I am saying something that is nice to do to our friends or not nice.  Sit down and only jump up  if I say something that is nice.  (Have children sit down in a group and encourage them to jump up when something that is said is nice)

Examples:  giving our friends a hug! (nice), not sharing our toys (not nice), sharing our toys (nice), not listening to our parents (not nice), cleaning up our toys (nice), inviting a new boy or girl to come play with us (nice), etc…….

6. Bible Memory verse (5 minutes)

In the bible we learn that God loves us and that he wants us to love one another. God wants us to be nice and to share with everybody. The bible says in Micah 6:8 “Jesus asks me to be fair.”  Let see if we can remember this verse! Let practice it together.  (do actions to verse a few times with kids)

Jesus (point to the sky),

asks (make a motion with your hand from mouth),

me  (point to self)

to (hold up two fingers),

be (make wings with your arms and buzz like a bee),

fair (hold to hand up, palms faceing the sky and tilt back and fourth like a scale)

7. Snack (5 minutes)

Ask two of the kids if they want to help hand out the snack. Just like the good Samaritan served his neighbour.

Pray over snack  (thank-you god for this food and our friends)

8. Giving a neighbour hug craft (5-8 minutes)

Have hand shape papers pre-cut out and pre-glued to stripe of paper folded tightly. Get kids to glues these to big cut our HUG hearts. Kids can decorate hearts with crayons.

Encourage kids to give there hug to a neighbour 

9. Prayer

-Thank you God that we can learn about him today.

-Thank-you for our friends and those around us

-Thank-you for loving us.

10. Colouring page of the Good Samaritan (5 minutes)


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