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Be My Witness: Telling the story of Jesus (Grades K-3) (Sunday School Lessons For Children)

October 16, 2010
Date Grade Scripture Title
Sept 12 K-3 Acts 1:1-8 Be my witness: telling the story of Jesus

By Teresa Klassen

STATION 1 – Opener (10 minutes)

  • Have two children stand at the front and introduce them.
  • Tell the other children to look at them for about 10 seconds.
  • Then send the children to a place where they won’t be seen
  • Have the other children tell you as many things about them as they can; you write them down.
  • You can ask them questions to prompt them (“Where they wearing a jacket?” “Did they have anything in their hands?” “What color were their shoes?”)
  • Then bring the other children back and see how well you did, see what you missed

Teacher:  We had a lot of words to talk about these two people. Now, if you left this room and someone said, “Tell me about (child’s name”) you could talk about them because you have looked at them closely.  Today we are going to hear how Jesus asked his friends to talk about him.

STATION 2 – The Bible (5-7 minutes)

Move children to the couches and stools and you sit in front on the chair

Teacher:             There is a book in the Bible called ACTS. Can you say that with me?  It is in this half of the Bible. The book of ACTS talks about what happened AFTER Jesus died, and AFTER he rose again…it talks about what Jesus said just before he went to heaven and the instructions he gave to his followers. The book of ACTS talks about how the first church was started.

Read:                        Acts 1:1-8 (or have someone in grade 3 read it)

Teacher:             What do you think that word “witness” means? (Let the kids give some ideas)

Teacher:            Being a witness is exactly what you did a minute ago when you talked about what those two kids looked like and what they are wearing.  If you knew them, you would also talk about the things they like and don’t like, and how much fun they are, and where they live, and what they are good at.  That is called being a “Witness.” That is what Jesus asked us to do. Talk about Him to other people. Tell other people what he Is like, what he is good at, why he is such a good friend, how much he loves everyone…describe him to others!

STATION 3 – Activity (10 minutes)

  • For this activity we have pieces, like big puzzle pieces, of Jesus. On the back is a description of what Jesus is like. For example, one piece will say, “Forgiving” and a reader can read it out to the group and then they can tape it up on the larger piece of paper that has the outline of Jesus.

Teacher:            So, if we are going to describe Jesus to other people, we need some words to do so. I am going to  divide you up into 7 groups and I need one person who can read in the group to read what is on the back these papers. Then we are going to talk about Jesus and put his picture together here like a puzzle.

STATION 4 – DVD (12 minutes)

Teacher:             I am going to show you a few stories about Jesus that comes from the Bible. I want you to watch these, and then after the little movie is done, I will ask, what have you learned, what would you say about Jesus to other people

Show:                        Show the Read & Share DVD Bible, Volume 1, Episode 12

“Jesus loves children”

Lead a discussion about what this video tells us about Jesus. What would you tell other people about him after knowing these things about him?

STATION 5 – Drama Sketch (10 minutes)

Teacher:            There are so many people who need to hear about how wonderful Jesus is. When we share the good news about Jesus, this is called being a witness. He can help us, and He can help others.

Choose 2 older kids who can read and have them “Act out” this little sketch

Person 1:            I am feeling very worried.

Person 2:            Why are you worried?

Person 1:            I have to give a speech in front of my class and I am nervous about it. I don’t want to do it.

Person 2:            You can do it!

Person 1:            I don’t know if I can. My stomach even hurts because I am so nervous.

Person 2:            Well….I will pray for you that you won’t be nervous.

Person 1:            Pray? How will that help?

Person 2:            Well, Jesus says that we can tell Him anything, and that we don’t need to worry about anything. He says we can pray to Him and he will help us.

Person 1:            Really? I have never prayed about anything before. I don’t even know anything about God.

Person 2:            That’s OK, I will pray for you.  If you want to know more about Jesus, we can talk about it sometime. Or maybe you can come with me to SunLand sometime.

Person 1:            OK. Well thanks, I guess. That makes me feel better that you care and its nice that you are going to pray for me. Thanks.

Teacher:            Sometimes we just need to do something kind for someone else, or say something kind, or…like this person, pray for someone.  That is all being a witness for Jesus.

STATION 6 – Smaller Groups (10 minutes)

Each small group will have a bag of Honeycombs.

Leader:             The Bible says that our kind words are sweet to other people, sweet like Honeycomb.  So, I have these honeycombs and we are going to think of kind words we can say to others. Jesus says when we use kind words, and do kind things for others, that is being a witness for Him.

What are kind things we could say or do when…

1. Someone is moving away and they are sad about it

2. Someone is feeling lonely because they don’t have very many friends

3. Someone is afraid

4. Someone is sick and can’t go out, maybe they are even in the hospital

5. Someone is sitting all by themselves at school

CLOSE – Teacher closes in prayer


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