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Pray About Everything (Grade 4-6) (Sunday School Lessons For Children)

October 16, 2010
Date Group Scripture Title
Sept. 19/2010 Grade 4-5-6 Acts 1:12-26 Pray about everything

Written/Arranged by Teresa Klassen

  • For this year we are going to a half hour to 45 minute discussion format
  • Students in this age group then join up with “Big Church” for Worship/The Lord’s Supper
  • We will try to have a monitor set up in the room so you can tell when the worship starts.

GETTING TO KNOW YOU (7-10 minutes)

Teacher, start the morning by talking about dreams we all have; dreams of doing something someday, or dreams about what we want to do when we “grow up.” Share some stories from your own life of things you dreamed of doing, or what you thought you would grow up to be when you were younger.

Then, go around the room and talk about things that they dream about doing or want to be when they grow up.

Teacher: Just like we have talked about our dreams here, God wants to hear about them too because He would like nothing more than to be involved in your dreams, helping you and guiding you.  A lot of people don’t think about talking to God about those things though, often they will come to God when they are in trouble!  That’s OK too. God wants to hear about our troubles, our needs, our fears, and yes, our dreams too.


Teacher: First, let me ask you, what is prayer? Can anyone give me a really simple answer to that? (invite the kids to give some answers)

(Prayer is simply, talking to God and listening to God. It doesn’t require any special words and you don’t have to be in a special place to pray and you don’t have to be a certain age to pray. Anyone can talk to God, anywhere at any time)

Teacher:            OK, let’s take that  a step further. If you were going to describe what prayer feels like to you, which of these pictures would help you explain how you feel?

These will be provided:

–                Picture of someone standing in front of a mountain, calling out and only hearing their own voice echoing back.

–                Person writing and mailing a letter

–                Person sitting in a coffee shop with a good friend, talking and laughing

–                Person on the phone, getting the answering machine

–                Person yelling at someone who is deaf

–                Person sending a text message and getting one back

–                Person who is nervous who doesn’t know what to say


Teacher: Last week we took a first look at the book of Acts – we talked about how Jesus said that He wanted us to be His witness. Today we are looking at Acts again, only this time one little verse: Acts 1:14.  There are a few verses ahead of it that talk about how all of Jesus’ friends have gathered in a house. The Bible lists a lot of their names and then there is verse 14

(Hand out a Bible to each child, and have them find the verse with you; even if this takes some time, help them along so that each child finds the verse in the Bible)

Scripture: Acts 1:14

Teacher: It is interesting that the Bible says that they were praying constantly!!

How in the world would someone be able to pray constantly? (Let them think about this and share some ideas of how this might have worked)

There are some other great verses in the Bible about prayer – a really famous one is called the Lord’s Prayer. The disciples came to Jesus and asked Him to teach them about prayer, and so He gave them this prayer.  We have printed it out here in easier language to understand and I thought we could go through it line by line and we could say what it means, and what Jesus wanted us to know about prayer

Teacher:            We will have this printed out. Go one line at a time, don’t spend a LOT of time on it, just have the kids call out what the line means and why they think Jesus thought it would be important to have it in the prayer.

Matt. 6:9 (Lord’s prayer, from The Message)

Our Father in heaven,

Show us who you are.
Set the world right;
Do what’s best
Keep us alive with three square meals.
Keep us forgiven with you and forgiving others.
Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil.
You’re in charge!
You can do anything you want!
You deserve all the glory and praise.



*Make sure this is interactive, and have the kids join in as much as you can, sharing ideas.

Teacher:            Sometimes people think that “praying constantly” means you have to be in church all the time, or that you always need to fold your hands and bow your head or go off by yourself, but I think that we need to think about prayer a lot like breathing.

You need air to live

You don’t even think about breathing, you just breathe

Prayer is like that too. We need to talk to God if we want to live His way, to live the best kind of life we can live. We shouldn’t even really have to think about it. Like breathing, prayer should be a really natural part of our day.

Take a look at this clock. I have listed a bunch of things that happen during the day…

(Teacher: we will have a large paper clock and at different parts of the day you will see different activities like

7 a.m. Getting out of bed

7:10 Having a shower

7:20 Picking out clothes to wear

7:30 Eating breakfast

8:00 Driving to school


Then you will have a stack of simple prayers that could be prayed. Have the kids take turns reading out one of these prayers and as a group decide when a good time to pray over that would be (for example, “recess” might be “God, help me find someone to hang around with”)


If you are close to 11 a.m., listen to the monitor here and there to see if the music has started.


Remind the kids that we are always going to be joining in the morning service for the second half (worship and sometimes the Lord’s Supper)

Today when we go into the morning service they are going to serve Communion, also known as the Lord’s Supper. When Jesus was about to die he had one last supper with his friends.  That’s why it is called the Lord’s Supper. At this supper he said, when you eat this broken bread and drink the juice I want it to remind you that I died for you.  The bread represents my broken body, the juice represents the blood that was spilled for you to forgive your sins.

When we take communion, we take a piece of bread and we dip it in the juice and we go back to our seats and eat it there…and while we do, we think about the amazing gift that Jesus gave us. He died for you and for me so that we could be forgiven and be in a right relationship with God.

The Lord’s Supper is just a reminder of the decision some of us have made to follow Jesus

You don’t have to come and take the Lord’s Supper. If you haven’t asked Jesus to lead your life, or if you just want to know more about the Lord’s Supper before you take it, feel totally free to take a pass and stay in your seats.

–                Remind the kids to be quiet when we go into the room

–                Tell them they can sit with the group or go and sit with their parents

–                Make sure you go in WHEN THE MUSIC IS PLAYING.

–                The reserved seats are to the left, near the front, near the screen

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