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The Church Spreads (Grade 4-6) (Sunday School Lessons for Children)

October 16, 2010
Date Class Sripture Theme
October 17, 2010 Grade 4-6 Acts 9:31 The Church Spreads Across the World

By Teresa Klassen

This year we are planning for a 45 minute lesson; after class the 456rs join in with Big Church for worship/The Lord’s Supper

1:SPREAD IT! (10 minutes)

Teacher:            So, to start off this morning, we are going to build a domino                                                 course…I’ll explain why later!

Get out the dominoes and time them for 5 minutes and let them build a domino course. Then watch the domino championships on the DVD:

2: WATCH IT! (5 minutes)

This is the YouTube link we will use:

Teacher:            So the way dominoes work, of course, is that one domino bumps into                                     the next one and everything spreads from there.

Last week we talked about the very first church, and today we are going to talk about how the very first church created a movement that  spread like dominoes across the world!

3: BIBLE (7  minutes)


Can anyone remember what Bible book we are studying from right  now? It begins with the letter A (Acts)

Today we are in Acts 9: 31: Then the church throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria enjoyed a time of peace. It was strengthened; and  encouraged by the Holy Spirit, it grew in numbers, living in the fear of  the Lord.”

Show them the map of how the gospel spread in the beginning…

The way that the church spread was simply by people living the way  God asked them to, Christians met together and encouraged each other, they shared what they had with others, they reached out and             helped people around them, they shared the Good News about Jesus and it caught on. Other people’s lives started changing and pretty soon  the church started spreading around the world!

4: GUESS HOW BIG THE CHURCH IS? (10 minutes)

These will be up on the wall, is a guessing game and whoever comes closest to the right answer will get a “prize” (chocolate bar)

Teacher: So we have a dozen or so churches here in West Kelowna, but do you have any idea of how many Christian churches there are in the world?

  • How many Christians do you think there are in India? [A: Approximately 27 million]
  • How many Christians do you think there are in Africa?  [A: Approximately 380  million]
  • How many Christians do you think there are in China? [A: Approximately 39 million]
  • How many Christians do you think there are in Canada [A: Approximately 3.8 million]

Teacher: There are millions of Christians around the world!!

  • But how many people live on planet earth right now? [A: Approximately 6.8 billion]

That means there are a lot, A LOT, of people who don’t know Jesus yet. That means that we need to keep spreading out like dominoes to tell   people about the good news about Jesus.

4: NOTHING CAN STOP IT (10 minutes)

Teacher:            Jesus said something interesting…in Matthew 16:18 Jesus said, “I will                                     build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.”  In  other words, the church would be unbreakable…unstoppable! This isn’t because we as people are so great, or so strong or so smart…it is   because the church is God’s idea and God’s idea will not be stopped. He loves the church!

I guess the question is, what does that mean for you and me…if we are supposed to be like this domino [hold up a domino] what can you do, what can I do?

Jesus never asked us to FORCE His message on anyone. He asked us to treat people respectfully, to be ourselves, but to not be afraid to tell people about the Jesus who lives in our hearts…he said, wherever you  are, whatever you naturally are doing, treat other people the way I  would treat them and they will start asking about how come you are  different from other people…

What do you think Jesus meant when He said, “Be different from other people…”

Let’s write some way that we can be different from others…

(You will have a bunch of little blocks, write on each block a trait of being a Christian…loving instead of hating, forgiving, caring, generous, patient, praying for people, not gossiping, helping those in need…set these up like the dominoes…)

Conclude:            The church is people, being these things. That is what the church is. Us being out in the world, being these things, one person bumping into another, acting like Jesus so that the world notices and is changed…

Around 11 a.m. check the monitor in the class to see if the music has started.  If it has, try to move as soon as you can to the auditorium. A row has been reserved for the 456rs. Before you do, we are serving the Lord’s Supper, so make sure you explain this to the kids as follows…


Remind the kids that we are always going to be joining in the morning service for the second half (worship and the Lord’s Supper)

Today when we go into the morning service they are going to serve Communion, also known as the Lord’s Supper. When Jesus was about to die he had one last supper with his friends.  That’s why it is called the Lord’s Supper. At this supper he said, when you eat this broken bread and drink the juice I want it to remind you that I died for you.  The bread represents my broken body, the juice represents the blood that was spilled for you to forgive your sins.

When we take communion, we take a piece of bread and we dip it in the juice and we go back to our seats and eat it there…and while we do, we think about the amazing gift that Jesus gave us. He died for you and for me so that we could be forgiven and be in a right relationship with God.

The Lord’s Supper is just a reminder of the decision some of us have made to follow Jesus

You don’t have to come and take the Lord’s Supper. If you haven’t asked Jesus to lead your life, or if you just want to know more about the Lord’s Supper before you take it, feel totally free to take a pass and stay in your seats.

–                Remind the kids to be quiet when we go into the room

–                Tell them they can sit with the group or go and sit with their parents

–                Make sure you go in WHEN THE MUSIC IS PLAYING.

–                The reserved seats are to the left, near the front, near the screen



Teacher:            Jesus wants you to be you. So when you want to share God’s love with                                     other people, he doesn’t expect you to suddenly be like a pastor, or your teacher, or your mom or dad…He just wants you to be you…so,  just for fun, let’s see who you are. We are going to play charades, but               the topic of this game is “Things you like” – so it can be things you like to do, things you like to eat, places you like to go…

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