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The Holy Spirit Gives Me Power… (Grades 4-6) (Sunday School Lessons For Children)

October 16, 2010
Date Grade Scripture Title
Sept 26, 2010 4-5-6 Acts 2:1-6 The Holy Spirit Gives Me
Power To Live God’s Way

Written/Arranged by Teresa Klassen

For this year we have gone to a format that takes approximately 45 minutes to run through; then children in this age group join in with “Big Church” for worship/The Lord’s Supper

1: OPENER (8-10 minutes)

Idea adapted from

  • Divide the class in 2 (Team A and Team B)
  • Have Team A and Team B sit back to back.
  • Give Team A envelope 1 and have them make a design, one piece at a time.
  • Every time Team A puts a piece down, they need to explain what they have just done so that team B can try to make the same pattern without looking at what team is doing.

For example

Team A:             “We have just put a yellow square on the table”

Team A:            “Now we are putting a blue circle on top of the yellow square”

Team A:             “Now we are putting a blue triangle two inches to the left of the yellow square”

When all the pieces are down have the kids stand up and see if the two patterns look the same.

Teacher:            (Make the point) We need good instructions to get things right don’t we?  We need someone who is very good at guiding in order for things to work.  Today we are going to learn about the Holy Spirit and how He guides us with God’s power.

2: GOD’S WORD SAYS (5-7 minutes)

Teacher:             Can anyone remember the book of the Bible that we have been reading from these past two Sundays?  It starts with an A… (let the kids guess). We are reading the book of Acts (have the children repeat that word to you) this is the book that talks about what Jesus’ friends did after Jesus went to heaven.

They watched Jesus go to heaven and they all stood around asking, “What should we do next?”

Jesus had told them to go to a room in Jerusalem and to wait…but wait for what???

Let’s read the Bible and see what happened:

Read:            Acts 2:1-6

Teacher:            That’s a pretty wild story, hey? Something totally supernatural happened and these followers of Jesus, as we will learn in the weeks to come, went from being people who were afraid to speak up, afraid of what would happen to them, uncertain about God and His plans, to men and women who were filled with courage to live God’s way and to spread the good news about Jesus.

It’s an amazing story, but what is even more amazing is that it wasn’t just for then…God promises that when we decide to follow Him, He will give us His Holy Spirit as well. The same Holy Spirit we just read about.

3: WHO IS THE HOLY SPIRIT? (8 minutes)

Teacher:            I want to talk to you about who the Holy Spirit is. This is a hard thing to explain because God is very Big and we are very small.  What we understand is very small too.  There are many things about God we can’t really wrap our minds around. The thing is, what we do know about God is good, and true; so if we can trust those things, then we can also trust the things we can’t understand.

The Bible tells us that many things about God are a mystery, but not the kind of mystery that scares you, it is the kind of mystery that is good and loving and makes you want to know more and more…to know everything we can know about God.

So, we can try to understand who the Holy Spirit is…

There is only one God – but we know there is God the Father, and there is Jesus, and there is the Holy Spirit. This is often called the “Trinity;” that’s not a word you will find in the Bible, it is just the best word people came up with to try to describe what God is like.

People have also tried to come up with way of describing God and I will show you one of them…

The Apple:

Let’s say this apple is like God. There is only one apple here right? But this apple is made up of three parts, let’s look!

(use the apple corer to cut the apple)

§  Show them the core

§  Show them the fruit of the apple

§  Show them the apple peeling

There is only one apple, but there are three parts to the apple, right?

Similar to the apple, there is only one God, but God has three parts to His role: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is God. His important job was to come to earth and die for our sins. Jesus said, look at me, look how I lived, and you will understand what God is like.

Then when Jesus left to go to heaven He said, God is now going to come to you in another way. He is going to come and live inside your heart; this will be the Holy Spirit. He will help you live God’s way.

I know, it is hard to completely understand, but I do know that when I invited Jesus to lead my life (Teacher, I have put some words down here, you can choose your own as a testimony of how the Holy Spirit has worked in your life), He promised to send His Holy Spirit, and since that day, I have found that the Holy Spirit has helped me make decisions, has taught me about Jesus and the Bible, has helped me love other people in a totally different way…

Jesus said that the Holy Spirit would give us power. Here is one way of looking at it:


This idea is adapted from something I read at http://ministry-to

  • You will have two flashlights at this station.
  • One will have batteries and one will not.
  • Pick up the one without the batteries and try to turn it on

Teacher:            I have a flashlight here. A flashlight is a really good thing to have when you are in the dark and you want to see where you are going.  Could I have a volunteer come and turn this flashlight on for me?

  • Have a child come and turn it on. It won’t turn on because there are no batteries.

Teacher:            (seem really puzzled) I wonder what is wrong with this flashlight? Do you think it is broken?  It doesn’t seem to be. I wonder why it won’t turn on.

  • A child will probably say, “Maybe there aren’t any batteries in it.”
  • Check and see if there are batteries, show the children that there are none

Teacher:            That’s the problem, this flashlight doesn’t have any power!! It is a flashlight, but its light can’t shine if it doesn’t have batteries

  • Now pick up the second flashlight and do the same thing, have a child come and test the flashlight out. This one will turn on.
  • Ask the children why they think that this flashlight works – it is because it has batteries

Teacher:            This flashlight works because it has POWER.

Just like this flashlight works when it has batteries, God sent the Holy Spirit to give us power. The Holy Spirit comes to live in us, and it is like we have had batteries we didn’t have before! God’s Holy Spirit comes and gives us a new kind of power.

He gives us power to live God’s way!

5: WHAT DO YOU NEED POWER FOR? (8 minutes)

  • Lead a discussion during this time of what kids their age might need God’s power for. What can the Holy Spirit help us with?
  • I will have these ideas written on a big piece of paper; lead them through these and ask, “What difference would it make if the Holy Spirit was giving you power in these situations?”
  • See if the kids have other ideas to add to these…


o   Making decisions

o   Forgiving others

o   Saying the right thing

o   Standing up for what you believe in

o   Not giving in to peer pressure

o   Choosing to love instead of hate

o   Being honest

o   Getting to know Jesus more


  • Leave room for questions, pray for the kids, and then at around 11:05 we will come and let you know when the music starts in the auditorium and you can join in. Please encourage the kids to stand during the worship time.
  • There will be a row reserved for the 456rs (front row by the screen). Please sit with them and enter into the worship – this is also teaching!
  • Some kids may choose to sit with their parents.


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