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God Gives Me Strength! (Preschool) (Sunday School Lessons For Children)

October 17, 2010
Date Class Scripture Theme
Sept. 26/10 Preschool Story of Samson God gives me strength!

Written/Arranged by Mikaela Klassen

10 Little Things

Teachers you can do all of these things or some of these things, in any order.

1. Free Time

Play with the kids, and encourage them to play together.

2. Read the story of Samson from the children’s Bible

Explain to the kids that God can give us physical strength like Samson but he also gives us strength to do what is right!

Ask the kids:       “Is it sometimes hard to say I am sorry?”

“Is it sometimes hard to share our toys?”

“Is it sometimes hard to obey our parents?”

Tell the kids:      “God can make us strong to do what is right!”

3. Testing Our Strength

Remind the children how Samson was VERY strong then have the kids do little activities like run from one end to the other 3 times, have them do 5 push ups, carrying a book to one end to the other, how far they can throw a stuffed animal etc. to show how strong they are.

Teacher says: Now let’s see how strong God made Samson!

4. DVD

Using the Read And Share Bible DVD, Volume3, story 2 “Samson”

5. Song Time

(Sing this, or play the song on the CD or DVD provided)

“My God is so Big”

My God is so big, so strong and so mighty

There’s nothing my God cannot do

My God is so big, so strong and so mighty

There’s nothing my God cannot do.

The Mountains are his, the valleys are his, the stars are his handiwork too

My God is so big, so strong and so mighty

There’s nothing my God cannot do

6. Bible Verse

“Jesus asks me to be fair”

Jesus-point to the sky

Asks-make a motion with your hand from your mouth

Me-point to yourself

To Be-make wings with your arms and buzz like a bee

Fair-hold to hand up, palms facing the sky and tilt back and fourth like a scale

7. Snack!

Get a couple of kids to help hand it out. Have someone pray over the snack.

8. Craft Time!

Glue the strong boy that says “God makes me strong” onto a colored piece of paper. Get the kids to color it.

9. Pray

Pray with the kids to

– Let God give them his strength

– To have the strength to listen to what God says

– To have the strength to follow what God asks them to do

10. Play/Small Group Time

Play with the kids until their parents come. Talk to the kids that want to talk, ask them about what they have learned and how God’s strength can help them.

Clean up

When it comes time to clean up, ask “Who is strong enough to put this away”…

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