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The Welcome Mat (Preschool) (Sunday School Lessons For Children)

October 17, 2010
Date Class Theme/Title
Oct. 24 Preschool Class The Welcome mat

Written/Arranged by Mikaela Klassen

10 Little Things

(Teachers you can do these in any order and do all 10 or just choose the ones that work, depending on the attention level of the preschoolers)

1. Three Things We Know!

  • One, two, three (count with your fingers) Jesus loves me (on the word “love” draw a heart over your heart)
  • Look and see (turn around) Jesus made me (point to yourself with your thumbs)
  • From the beginning (stretch your hand out far to the left) to the end (stretch your hand far to the right) Jesus is my friend (give yourself a hug)

2. Bible Story

There is no specific bible story, but you can talk to the kids about how God welcomes everyone no matter who they are and what they look like!! Talk about how God welcomed people even when everyone else didn’t. You could ask the kids if they know anyone they could welcome (or in simpler words “say hi to”)

3. Welcoming Everyone Activity

There will be flash cards with different types of people on them (someone who is sick, someone who is sad, someone who is angry, someone who is little, and someone who is old….etc.)

Show the kids a flash card, describe it to them, and ask them if God loves them and welcomes them to come to Him! Do this with all the flash cards.  Talk about how we also welcome people, and at church as well, everyone is welcome!

4. Take two steps forward Activity

Have the kids stand at one end of the room, and the teacher at the other end. Say the phrases below and ask the kids if it is welcoming or not. Get the kids to put up their hand if their answer is yes. If they say the right answer they can take two steps forward. Who ever gets to you first wins!

– “Hi, my name is….”(is this welcoming? yes)

– “Come over here”(is this welcoming? yes)

– “Go Away!”(no)

– “Come sit with me”(yes)

– “I don’t like you”(no)

– “You smell”(no)

– “What’s your name”(yes)

– “I’ll share with you”(yes)

– “You look funny”(no)

– “Come to church with me”(yes)

5. Songs

Sing “Jesus loves me” and “My God is so big.”

6. Bible Verse

“God is Love” 1 John 4:8

Do actions with the kids

God is (point to the sky)

Love (put your hand on your heart)

Try your best to get them to memorize 1 John 4:8, but the main focus is “God is Love”

Once you feel they are ready, have them say it BY THEMSELVES. Tell them who ever can say it by themselves will get to go eat snack first!

7. Snack

(Whatever was planned for snack that day)

8. Craft

Welcome Mats- There will be one piece of paper for each of the kids; the front side will be like a mat, and it will say “Welcome” and the other side will say “I Welcome” at the top. There will be pictures of people that they can stick on to the back (a person in a wheel chair, a sick person, a sad person, an angry person, and a person from a different country) Let the kids stick them on, and then they can color the back and the front.

9. Pray

Sit in a circle holding hands, and pray with the kids. Make sure that you ask if any of the kids want to pray. When you pray make sure to pray that they will always welcome everyone, because God welcomes us.

10. Clean up together

Play with the kids and clean up!


(Use this if the SunLand Intern is piecing your lesson together)

Item Amount Needed Instructions
Activity #3 Flash Cards 8 different flash cards. Have pieces of paper each with one kind of person on it:

-a sick person

-a sad person

-a person in a wheel chair

-an angry person

-a person from a different country

-an old person

-a young person

Make it look very clear what they are.

Activity #7 Snack

8 Peanut Free snack provided
Activity #8 Craft (Welcome mats)

8 mats

8 of each individual person

Each kid gets one piece of paper. On one side it looks like a welcome mat that says “Welcome”, make sure it can be colored(an example of a mat is at the link below), and on the other side it says “I Welcome” at the top. Then make 5 people that they can stick onto the back of their mat

1. a person in a wheel chair

2. a sick person

3. a person from a different country

4. a mean person

5. a sad person

Make sure that these people are separate so that the kids can stick each of them individually onto their mat, also make sure that the people are able to be colored.

Example of a welcome mat:

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