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Christmas For Preschoolers (Sunday School Lessons for Children)

December 17, 2010
Date Class Scripture Theme
Dec 19, 2010 Preschool Matt. 19:14 Christmas

Written/Arranged by Teresa Klassen

1. Welcome

Have the children do this with you

a.     One, two three — Jesus loves me

b.     Look and see — Jesus made me

c.      From the beginning to the end – Jesus is my friend!

2. Bible Story

Read the story from First Steps Bible, page 198, “Something Good To Tell  You”

3. DVD

Show story: “Jesus is Born”

4. Simple Craft

Christmas Star Ornament.

o   We will have cutouts of stars the kids can decorate

o   We will have red pipe-cleaner that you can put through the hole and make into a loop (to hang on a tree)

5. Snack

Maple cookies

6. Bible Verse

Give each child a stuffed animal

Teacher says: Aren’t stuffy’s nice to hug?  It just feels so good to hold them             tight. Doesn’t it? Let’s give our stuffy’s a hug!

When we want to give our mom or dad a hug, that feels good too doesn’t it?             They say, “come to me” and they squeeze us nice and tight just like we are             hugging our stuffy’s.

Do you know what? Jesus loves us like that too!  Whenever a child wants to  see Jesus, He says, “Come to me!” and picks them up and hugs them, just like you are hugging your stuffy.

You make Jesus smile!

The Bible says that Jesus always has time for children and He always says,  “Come to me!”

7. Help me tell the Christmas Story

  • Use the little nativity set to tell the story
  • Sit on the floor and have the children help you.
  • Give them each a piece and tell them who each person is (“This is Mary” “This is Joseph”)
  • When you talk about their character, have them hold it up…

Teacher says: This is a special story….

1.     God told a special lady named Mary that she was going to have a baby and she would name Him Jesus – can you hold Mary up?

2.     But Mary and Joseph – let’s hold up Mary and Joseph now – had to go to a little town named Bethlehem first…can you make Mary & Joseph walk on the floor?

3.     Now they are in Bethlehem. But there is no room for them in any of the hotels. Let’s all look sad for Mary and Joseph. Where will she have her baby?

4.     There was a barn called a “stable” that they could sleep in. There were also animals in the barn like sheep and cows and horses. Can we make a sheep sound? Can we make a cow sound? Can we make a horse sound?

5.     There Mary had the baby – can you hold up the baby? What did they name Him? (Jesus!)

6.     Shepherds in the fields nearby came and  saw the baby and they worshipped him…

8.     Song and Actions

Stand up with the kids and sing the following…

“Away in a Manger” (I will see if I can provide a CD you can sing to)

Words are:

Away in a manger,
No crib for His bed
The little Lord Jesus
Laid down His sweet head

The stars in the bright sky
Looked down where He lay
The little Lord Jesus
Asleep on the hay

The cattle are lowing
The poor Baby wakes
But little Lord Jesus
No crying He makes

9.         Whose Birthday Is It?

  • Have a simple question answer time where they children can shout “no” or “yes”

Teacher says: Christmas time is somebody’s birthday party.

Is it your birthday party? (NO)

Is it Santa’s birthday party? (NO)

Is it Frosty The Snowman’s birthday party? (NO)

Is it Jesus’ birthday party? (YES)

You’re right…it is Jesus’ birthday!!

10.         Play time, and clean up with the children

Take the time to sit with the children, talk with them, play with them.

  1. Bible Stories should be taught to children when they are still very young. This builds a deep foundation and knowledge for their faith in their later years

  2. This is great, I will have 8 preschoolers at my house tonight and I will use this to teach them about
    Jesus birth.

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