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Feed Yourself

If you are a leader/teacher working with children, it is imperative that we keep our heads straight about what we are doing and why. It is important to feed ourselves so we can feed others. It is important to be refreshed so that we can approach what God has called us to do in a fresh way.

So, from time to time, we’ll post good books (etc.) up here that you might want to take a look at.

Too Small To Ignore by West Stafford

This is on my top ten list for “perspective” books. If you need a refresher on why children are incredibly important and why teaching, leading and blessing them is high on God’s priority list, read this book. It is both beautiful and heart-wrenching and will fire you up for what you do. The author, Wess Stafford, is the CEO of Compassion International.

(*If you purchase the book from this site, we get a small “tent-making” kick-back. Thanks :))

Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris

This book is written by teenagers, for teenagers. As an adult, I enjoyed the read and was personally challenged to “expect more” from children and young people; they are capable of so much more, but often are not challenged to “do hard things.” I recommend that you read this before you have teenagers because, for a parent/teacher, it is about adjusting how we view young people and what we call out of of them. As someone working in children’s ministry, it challenged me to search out “gifts” within the group I am working with and draw them in to involvement and responsibility.

(*If you purchase the book from this site, we get a small “tent-making” kick-back. Thanks :))

The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning

Everyone should read this book. I have read it at least four times and always get something new out of it. I am recommending it because unless we really, personally, embrace the grace that has been given to us how will we come from a “grace filled place” to lead and teach others? Manning is one of those authors who is incredibly honest about himself and says things in a way that goes straight to the heart.

(*If you purchase the book from this site, we get a small “tent-making” kick-back. Thanks :))

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