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Father’s Day (K-1) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

June 20, 2010

Date Class Scripture Theme
June 19th — 2010 Grade K-1 Proverbs 13:18

Psalm 119:33

Father’s Day- We all have jobs and have to do our very best at those jobs

Prepared by: Colleen Loewen

Introducing the big idea- (5 Minutes)

Say, “Hello! I’m glad all of you came today. Does anyone know what day it is today? That’s right, it’s Father’s Day, and today we celebrate our dads, or grandpas or even our uncles! And sometimes we even get to double celebrate our mum’s if they are the ones who take care of us all the time!!”

“Now there’s a lot of things that dad’s do for us. Let’s think of some…”

  • Let the kids answer

“That’s a lot that our dads do for us. One of the things you mentioned was going to work. The bible tells us that when we go to work, we should work hard, learn and then try to be the best at whatever we do, at that makes God happy!”

Read from the Bible (1 Minute)

Read from the Bible

Proverbs 13:18

Activity- Name that Daddy (5 Minutes)

* Items needed: clues to read about a dad, stuffed animal

Say, “Since it’s Father’s Day, we’re going to play a little game where I’ll read a clue, and you’ll have to guess who the father is!”

  • Line all the kids up at one end of the room
  • Sit at the other with the stuffie on a table
  • Read the clue
  • As soon as you read it, the kids can all run to the stuffie
  • The first kid to grab the stuffie gets to answer.
  • Give the kid a point if they answer right
  • Winner is the kid with the most points


Dash Incredible- (Mr. Incredible)

Cain & Able- (Adam)

Nemo- (Marlin)

Jesus- (God/Joseph)

Pinnochio- (Gepetto)

Johnathan- (King Saul)

Ariel- (King Triton)

Prodigal Son- (Loving father)

Hercules- (Zeus)

David- (Jesse)

Junior Asparagus – (dad Asparagus)

Issaac- (Abraham)

Brother and Sister Bear- (papa Bear, Mr. Berenstain)

Jacob & Esau- (Joseph)

Luke Skywalker- (Darth Vader)

Pepples Flinstone- (fred Flinstone)

Say, “that was kind of fun, wasn’t it? You guys are good clue guessers!”

Story- (5-8 Minutes)

* Items needed: storybook

  • Read the story
  • Ask a few follow-up questions about the story.

Say. “That’s a fun story isn’t it?”

Activity- Work work work! (5-8 Minutes)

* Items needed: n/a

Say. “As we mentioned in the beginning of the lesson, Dad’s work really hard, but we have jobs to do in our lives too. And when we do our very best at our jobs, we’re actually helping our dad’s do better at their jobs.  For example, if we clean up our toys in the yard, then our dad’s can take care of the lawn better!”

  • Let one of the kids think up a job that someone in the family has
  • Let the other kids answer how they can do their very best at that job

Craft-  My dad Rocks (5 Minutes)

* Items needed: paint, rocks, black Sharpie

Say, “Craft time!”

  • Go and pick out a rock
  • Write “My dad rocks” (or “my ______ rocks”
  • Decorate it!

Snack & Blessing (1 Minute)

* Items needed: Cookies (Dad’s!!!)

Pray for the kids:

“I pray this blessing over each one of you.

Each of you is precious in God’s sight.

God sees you every minute of every day and he loves you.

I pray that you will come to know and love Jesus with all your heart for all your days.

May the Lord bless you and protect you.

May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.

May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.


Give the kids a cookie.

Clean Up!

Since our building is used for many different things, we need to make sure we clean up after ourselves. You can definitely have the kids help you do this near the end of the morning!!

  • Please use the BAG provided to put all the left-over items into it, and then you can leave your bag in the classroom.
  • Please pick up all the garbage and put it in the trash
  • If there are chairs or stools, please fold or stack them and put them away
  • Please turn the heat down (applicable for youth room and Gazebo) to 10 degrees
  • Please make sure any TVs/DVDs/Projectors are powered off
  • Please make sure all toys are put away

Thank you so very much!

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