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Adam & Eve – Choosing to obey God (Preschool) (Free Sunday School Lessons for Children)

July 20, 2010
Date Class Scripture Theme
Sept 20, 2009 Preschool
Genesis 3 Choosing to obey God

By Teresa Klassen

Ten Little things to do

1. Free time (10 minutes)

2. Story Time (a book with pictures about Adam & Eve and how Adam sinned) (5 minutes)

If you have a few older kids in the room you may be able to ask some simple questions about the story:

1. What was the name of the people in the story? (Adam & Eve)
2. What did God say Adam & Eve couldn’t do? (not to eat the fruit)
3. Did Adam & Eve obey? (no)
4. What happened when they didn’t obey? (they had to leave the garden)
5. Did God still love Adam & Eve? (yes, he did, and he kept taking care of them even when they disobeyed his rules)

3. Good Choices/Bad Choices (5 minutes)

Jesus has asked us to obey him, but sometimes we don’t obey. Sometimes we do bad things – the Bible calls this “sin” — instead of good things. Let’s look at these pictures and decide who is doing something good and who is doing something bad.

We have two pictures per page, one is depicting a good choice and one is depicting a bad choice. Go through each one and have the kids point to the child who is doing good. Close with inviting the kids to make the choice to obey Jesus in doing good.

4. Obeying Game (5 minutes)

This is a little game about obeying. Just as our moms and dads give us rules to keep us safe. Jesus invites us to obey His good rules that because he loves us!.

So let’s see how well you can obey…

The kids are too young to play “Simon Says” so just have them follow some fun little actions to see if they can copy you…and use phrases like “Way to obey!” “Good job obeying”

Scratch your head            Smile the biggest smile you can smile

Jump one time            Sit down and then stand up

Close one eye            etc.


Clap your hands

Hug someone

5. Adam DVD (3 minutes)

From Read N Share Series (see Great Resources Page)

6. Snacks (5 minutes)

Pray over the snack and thank Jesus for making good rules for us that keep us safe.

Apple slices (reinforce how Adam took some fruit that God told him not to take…God’s rules were there to keep Adam safe)

7. Bible memory (5 minutes)

In the Bible, we learn that even though we sin, Jesus still loves us. Jesus loves us and the Bible tells us that God is love!!

Let’s see if we can remember this Bible verse, first you can practice with me, and then if you put up your hand, you can try to remember it and say it back to me! (you can do an action for God, pointing up, and then for love, cross your arms across your chest like you are giving yourself a hug)

“God is love.” (1 John 4:16)

8. The Apple Tree (5-8 minutes)

For this exercise we will already have the tree painted, but they can put red sticker apples on the tree.

Print off pages with a tree

On the paper we should have the words printed: “God’s good rules keep us safe”

9. Prayer

Break the group up into smaller groups if it is large,

  • thank God that we could learn more about Him today
  • thank God that the Bible teaches us about God’s good rules and how His rules keep us safe.
  • pray that each child would know that God made them and loves them

leave room for children to pray as well, invite them to thank Jesus for forgiving them when they sin.

10. Who is to blame? Coloring Page

Show the kids the coloring page – it is a picture of Adam blaming Eve and Eve blaming the snake! Talk about how when we do something wrong, we can’t blame anyone else. We need to say when we sin and ask for forgiveness. God loves us and so we want to obey his rules. Give them a sheet to take home – or if you have some time they can do some coloring on it.

* You can find coloring pages on the internet

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